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Sunday, March 31, 2019
HI March....OK bye March.

Honestly, time has been slipping through my fingers the past 12 months. The weekend will be over, and it feels like Saturday comes the next day. I feel like as I am getting older, time is speeding up! And because time is moving so quickly, moments are meshing together and I have no idea when something happened, so Its good to write these things down. Even if I only blog monthly.

Highlights of my Month:

~We bought tickets to go back home to Alberta! We will be back for almost all of May and I cant wait!
~My sister had her bday and she has joined me in the 'late 20's' gang ;)
~I played volleyball for the first time in years, and it was amaze-balls.
~I have started to declutter my house. We are moving in about 13 months (which i know seems like a long time, but that will be cut to 4 months in the blink of an eye! So better to be ahead of the game).
~Ben has started to become better at reading and it is awesome!
~I bought a book (HERE) to help Aurora kick start her reading, and she is doing so great!
~Spring breaks. Ben had his week off, then Maikal had his the week after.
~Roka has cut ALL of his teeth. Thank the heavens. No more teething baby!!

Lowlights of my Month:

~My kids have had Pink Eye all week. But they are 99% better today.
~Tired. I have been having terrible sleeps the past 3 months. I wake up so many times in the night! Im not sure if its the 'winter blues' or what, but it has been hurting my mental clarity and physical energy. This girl needs her sleep lol.
~It snowed today. After the 15+ weather we've had all week. Booooo.
~Turns out Roka is terrified of dogs. But he needs to get over that, because my sister has 2 giant dogs and he needs to love them!

Before I go, let's talk about this months How We Wore It inspo. When I was shopping back a few months ago, I was looking for sunglasses for my Mexico trip, but came across these fake glasses.

Am I cool enough to wear fake glasses?
Are fake glasses lame?
Will I turn into a poser?
Do I even look ok in glasses?

I dont know. But I bought them because I thought they were so fun! I think with the right outfit and hairstyle they totally work. Who knew that something meant to help people see better, would now turn into a fashion accessory. Im into it lol.

Glasses :: Forever 21

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