Saturday, January 19, 2013

Well, I tried, but I failed.
I tried to lose those blasted 20 pounds!
But it is just so much harder than it looks!
I was never overweight and always had somewhat of a fit physique, so I've never had to experience doing hard work to lose weight!
Ive been eating better and been working out alot more.
Needless to say, I didn't reach my goal of losing 20 pounds by Christmas.

BUT...I did lose 7 pounds! Which I am pretty excited about :)
At least Ive lost something!

One day...this body will be mine again...

Tuesday, January 15, 2013
Christmas In Canada!

Where do I even begin....

It all started about a week before christmas when Maikal and I realized that it just didn't feel like Christmas here in Hawaii. There was no snow, no family, no hot chocolate, no snowmobiling, and no christmas tree's! We prayed about whether or not we should fly back home, and our prayers got answered quick and clear! The next day we found out that Maikal had earned a $1200 scholarship for getting straight A's for the semester! We had no idea about this scholarship, and funny thing was that that was the exact amount we needed to fly home!!! Crazy how things work out :)

So we then decided to make it a surprise! I LOVE surprises :) My cousin Krystal and her family did the same thing to her family for Christmas and her story made me cry! So I wanted to do that for our families as well.

On Saturday Dec 22, we arrived in Lethbridge about 8:00am to surprise a few of our friends and family first. We then headed to Magrath to surprise the rest of Maikal's family. We walked in the door and everyone was so excited! Maikal's 2 sisters and brother also decided to surprise the family :) Maikal's mom was over the hills ecstatic! She got 4 surprises for Christmas! We then spent Christmas at his family then headed up to DV for the second big surprise!

Now, I must give an ENORMOUS amount of credit to my cousin Radelle for keeping such a big secret! I needed an inside man and she was the perfect candidate. She planned this big dinner so everyone would be in the same place for the surprise. THANK YOU RADELLE!!

So we headed straight out to her house. Before our family came we surprised the Alber's crew first! (kari, krystal, aunt Christy, and their spouses). They needed to be in on this too in order to make it wonderful! Soon after we arrived, my family showed up! We hid in the upstairs bedroom and waited. We planned to skype so they would think we were still in Hawaii, then we would come out of the room and surprise them!!

Once everyone was seated Kari skyped me. We started a small conversation and they asked to see Ben, so we said 'oh ya for sure!', we then came out of the room and said 'here he is!!!!'

Everyone was screaming! There were tears, faces of confusion(dad), and pure excitement. I am so grateful that we were able to make it Canada for Christmas and I am so lucky to have such a wonderful family.

Other than the BIG SURPRISE, Christmas and New Years was just full of family and friends, great conversations, fun games, and lots of delicious food!

Here are pictures of what we did for the holidays!

First Christmas! Opening his first gift.

Funny Candid

Happy 10 months Ben!


Yup. This happened.

Went shooting.

New Years!

It took Ben 3 days to warm up to my dad

My parents taught him 'So Big'.
Love it

And he made a new friend.
He didn't really like the slobery kisses haha

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