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Thursday, January 26, 2017
Happy New Year!
I know that's a little late, but better late than never.
We had such an amazing time back in Canada for the Christmas Holiday! I loved seeing all our friends and family and watching our kids play with their cousins and friends. And since our families live so far apart, there was ALOT of driving lol. And the bad winter roads made it even longer than it needed to be. A drive that usually took us 5 hours....took us 8!!! 8 hours people! But so worth it.

And as it is a New Year, I would like to write down a few New Years Goals:

1) Get in shape. Eat clean. Become more flexible (physically).
2) Be a better teacher to my kids.
3) Go on more hikes.
4) Go on more dates with my hubs.
5) Experiment with meals, get more creative.
6) Watch less tv and pick up more books. (ps i hate reading, so this might be a challenge). Any book recommendations would be fabulous! I love romance, adventure, supernatural stuff :) 
7) Learn to properly budget. And stick to that budget!
8) Potty train Aurora.
9) Pick a great school for Ben for this Fall. He starts Kindergarten this year! Im going to be a mom with a kid in school!? How did this happen!? But I am stoked.
10) Save money and go to Israel with Maikal in July. His school is going on an archaeological dig! 

And to end off this post, its our 'How we wore it' series back for the new year!! We are starting off this year with a Monochrome post. I chose black, like my jk jk. You know, every time we do an outfit post, I get a serious wardrobe reality check. This time I am aware of how I dont have a good selection of pants. I have black leggings, or blue jeans lol. My pant game needs to take it up a notch! But leggings......I can't not wear them. Im not sure if its the way my body is shaped now (aka 30 pounds heavier) and so jeans just don't fit comfortably anymore, or they keep sliding off, but leggings seem to be the only comfy thing out there for my shape. Or Im buying the wrong jeans. But, Im not complaining about wearing leggings. #leggingsforlife #cantstopwontstop
Also, I hope this choker trend keeps going strong, because I just ordered a butt load and its becoming an obsession. And this sweater, my sissy got me for Christmas! Loooooove it.

Hat :: Old, Similar at Forever21
Choker :: Ardene
Sweater :: Winners , Also love THIS 
Leggings :: Walmart
Shoes :: Value Village

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