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Wednesday, January 30, 2019
Sorry about the 'crickets' around here.....blogging has definitely taken a back burner these past 12 months. And i've been on the fence on whether or not to keep going. Do ppl read blogs anymore? Am I interesting enough to even wright about stuff that ppl want to read about? Maybe.

But i do have a passion for sharing things. And it's still January so I still have time to finish my goals for this month. Which leads me to my blogging babes with our 'How We Wore It' series. Where we get to pretend to be fashion models and get pictures taken of us haha. Its kind of awesome.

Today in Cleveland, its an unusually cold day, for here anyway. Obvi I am from Alberta so this temperature in winter seems normal to me. But school was cancelled for both Ben and Maikal, and Maikals school NEVER closes, so this weather is a big deal around here. Not complaining one bit!! And of all days to take pictures, I chose the 'cold' day haha. You know, cold/wintery photos are some of the best. Snow can be so pretty!! But these photos took a total of 120 seconds hahaha.

And it's perfect timing because I leave for Mexico on Saturday and I. Am. So. Excited.
I am going alone as Maikal couldn't get away from school and H no im not doing that trip by myself with kids. So a solo trip it is. And it is much needed for me. Does anyone else get nervous travelling alone? I keep thinking I am going to forget something or do or say something wrong to the people at the airport. I've been on dozens of planes, and I still freak out.

Calmmmmmm down. I can do it.

I haven't seen my family since August, and Im a big family gal so I miss them like crazy and this is going to be amazing. My sister is getting married (hence the trip), and it will be soooooo fun! 1 week she will be a married woman and join the 'marrieds' of the family!! We need more members. And more babies.

Thanks for reading. I love all 3 of you ;)

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