What's In Store?

Sunday, May 25, 2014
I've been thinking about this a lot lately.
What will this baby be like?
What will she look like?
How will she act?
How is this Labour and delivery going to happen?
When is it going to happen?

Because seriously, I have no idea about any of these questions.
In 2 weeks I will be 36 weeks, which is when I had Ben. And I know I shouldn't be banking on that due date, but there is still a possibility right!? Maybe all my babies will be early? Maybe they will be all over the place? Maybe this pregnancy will compensate for Ben and I'll go over due 2 weeks? I have no idea. But Im sure hoping for another early baby! At my last prenatal appointment, which was 3 days ago, my DR said I was measuring quite small, and If things don't progress in 2 weeks I will need to go in for another ultrasound to make sure she is still growing. So in the past 4 weeks, I only gained 3 pounds and my stomach is only 1 week larger than a month ago. So this baby is all over the place with growth. But Im feeling a ton of movement which is really good. So hopefully we will have some answers at my 36 week check up.

As I do get closer, the memories are starting to come back.
The pain of labour and delivery, the panic I was in, the forever long stay at the hospital, the post delivery pain, the engorged breasts, etc......guh. But maybe this labour will be so different! Who knows! But I like what I did last time. I will try and stay at home for as long as possible so im in a comfortable place for as long as possible then head on over to the hospital. I don't know If i'll ask for an epidural or not. Knowing what the pain is like....Im definitely open to getting one haha.

And its not just the hospital memories coming back.
It's the memories I tried to forget about because things were so horrible. Like the sleepless nights, the constant crying, and the nursing.....oh the nursing... Even when Ben had finally latched (after 2 freaking months) I still hated nursing. I didn't feel like it was a special time for me and him, it was just annoying and time consuming and I was threw the roof excited to be done at 7 months. But again, maybe my connection with this baby will be different and I will love it....unlikely I think....but it might just happen. I just hope she's better at nursing then Ben was. Because it seriously sucked! But I won't dwell on it.

Im actually pretty excited about some things, now that I know what Im doing. There were so many surprises that I had no clue about with my first baby! Like nursing pads. How on earth did this never get mentioned to me while I was pregnant with Ben???? It's like a huge thing! Leaky boobs are the worst.( Sorry if this post is too detailed and open haha. Feel free to stop reading.) I also didn't know about swaddling, how to relieve a baby from gas, how to bath them, nursing consultants, what creme's work best, and most importantly...sleep training with Babywise. I feel really good that I know about all these important things now! I know what to pack for the hospital (aka FOOD!) and I hope I don't have a roommate this time because we are too poor to afford a single room. But Im also hoping this will just be a 24 stay and not a 3 1/2 day like last time. Shoot me. It sucked. I've been taking advice from my friends and family about the transition to 2 children and trying to learn as much as I can!

I am sooooo excited for Ben to have a sibling! He needs one so badly, which Im not going to lie, is basically the main reason we planned for this baby. The way his eyes light up when he see's a little baby is beyond cute. But, I am also terrified. We were just at our friends house for dinner and she had a baby about 4 weeks ago and Ben just went nuts when I brought her close to him....and not in a good way. In a way where I was actually worried for this babies life! He was going to squeeze the little life right out of her! It wasn't a hateful or mean hug in anyway....he just gives really aggressive hugs and plays really rough. So basically I will never feel comfortable leaving Ben alone with Aurora....like ever. He will love her to death, literally.

Overall, I feel really good. Im getting fat and slow, but I will feel like I can get alot done in a day. Im nesting like crazy and trying to get everything ready. We still don't have a car seat though...which is probably one of the most important things to remember haha. But she has her own room that I can't wait to decorate! (Im just waiting for Maikal to pain the walls so I can get started. So many pinterest ideas!!!

OK so just some stats before I leave this post:
I am 34 weeks
Getting nice and fat
Feeling tons of movement
No Braxton Hicks
No swelling yet
My current wardrobe consists of 5 pieces of clothing that actually fit
But my hair is full and my skin is super nice lol ;)

Beach Maternity Photo's

Friday, May 9, 2014
So my amazingly talented photographer cousin, Laura Taylor, came out to Hawaii for a visit and she suggested doing some beach maternity photo's!! So of course I agreed and off we went!!
She is based in Calgary, Alberta so look her up for a shoot!:

I know my last few post have been all about pictures, but lets be real, who doesn't like pictures!

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