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Wednesday, October 31, 2018
Oh hey Blog....haven't seen you in a while....ooops.

Happy Halloween! Here for a quick blog post peeps.

You know, I think every season has their moments. Spring with their flowers, Summer with the beaches, Fall with the leaves, and Winter with it's wonderland.
But Fall is my favourite time to photograph in. I actually have a very styled photoshoot this weekend....and I bought a purple smoke bomb......its going to be nutsssss.

Fall also has the best fashion! I love to get bundled up in socks, sweaters and coats. Now, you guys know how much I love a good thrift steal....this coat.....$8 at Goodwill. I know.
I love the cute colour and the length of the coat. Because you know its the worst when you raise your hands or bend over and BOOM.....back or belly is showing and that cold air just sneaks right up there! So this coat is PERFECT for Fall. Just something to snuggle in, yet stylish.
And yes, these photos were taken by my son....on my phone. Last minute struggles.
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How hard core for Halloween are you guys? Im pretty hard core. Its going to rain tonight, but we are still going. I plan our outfits months in advance! I try to make it fun and witty. This year is probably one of my favs. We went as a family costume this year, Characters from Adventure time! You can see my post HERE. It's not a super well known show as many people didn't know who we were....but you should start watching it guys. Both my 6 yr old and 33 year old loooooove it haha.

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