Thursday, May 31, 2012
Happy Birthday to Me!

I love my Birthday.
I love having breakfast made for me right when I wake up.
I love playing Monopoly Deal.
I love putting on make-up and doing my hair.
I love going to Moxie's.
I love seeing family and friends.
I love not having to take care of any dirty diapers or waking up in the night to take care of Benjamin.
I love my hunky husband for making all this possible.

One of my Besties Sydney.

Isn't he just gorgeous ;)

Sisters <3

This was only 1 of the tables. There were 3 in total.
Lowry get-togethers are usually enormous! 

Maikal took a picture of his hand when we were 
playing monopoly deal. Super Sucky haha.

He made me bacon, eggs, pancakes, and orange juice.
So wonderful <3 <3 <3

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mothers day & Anniversary

This past Thursday Maikal and I had an idea to surprise my mom for Mothers Day by coming up to Drayton Valley! So Friday morning we packed up all our things and headed up. It took us longer than usual due to the fact that we had to stop a few times to tend to Ben. My Dad had to keep distracting my Mom until we got there...{sorry dad...took longer than anticipated}. But once we got there we went inside quietly because we were going to surprise her. My Dad had her keep her eyes closed until we were ready. As many people know, my Mom doesn't get surprised very easily, so of course the words that immediately came out of her mouth while she was waiting were..."Give me my baby!" :)  Nothing gets past my Mom I guess haha.

The weekend was full of games, family, and great conversations. Maikal and I learnt about this game called 'Monopoly Deal'. Seriously so fun! I will never go back to the board game now.

Sunday was Mothers Day. My first Mothers Day being a Mom :) It was pretty great Id have to say. All of the men in the Branch gave all the Mom's Chocolate Bars and they were delicious. Maikal took care of all the messes, spills, and dirty diapers all day long! It was glorious :)

Rockwell and Baby Ben.
Rockwell is seriously the cutest little boy!
He loves Ben very much and is very careful with him.
Throughout the weekend he would randomly come and check up
on Ben just to make sure he was ok.
He loves holding him and asks a lot of questions about him.
I hope they grow to be very close cousins :)

I think our Family makes dang good looking children ;)

Auntie Chelsie

Now for our Anniversary

I can't believe it's all ready been an entire YEAR! Where has the time gone! So many things have happened. It was full of alot of ups and downs...but we made it to the 1 Year mark! Some say that the first year is the hardest, I guess we will just have to see how Year 2 goes  <3

Since we were so close to Edmonton, we decided to spend the day there for our Anniversary. We spent the afternoon at WEM and then headed to Red Robins for some dinner. Everything we bought was basically Hawaii clothes. Shorts, swimsuits, flowy dresses, and tank tops. 

Found these books at Chapters that resembled us :)

Later that evening we headed out to my cousin Shane's and played on the Quads. We LOVE quadding! We raced all over Shane's land and through the tree's. Maikals quad was in 4-wheel drive so whenever he would drive in front of me, I basically got dust and dirt all over me. not fun.
 It was close to sunset so we just parked our quads and enjoyed the lovely sky. Not too long after we stopped, we hear this little buzzing coming from the field.  We saw something very small coming towards us. We discovered that it was Shane riding his kid dirt bike. It was seriously the funniest thing we have seen in a LONG time. Just imagine a fully grown man riding up to you on a super miniature dirt bike. If I ever feel like a need a good laugh, that is exactly what I will picture from now on! lol

Now if anyone knows Shane, then you know WHY he came out to the field to find us.

It wasn't to show off his sweet little dirt bike....
It wasn't to make sure we were ok....
It wasn't to show us some cool quad paths in the woods...

It was to see if we were off kissing somewhere. This is Shane's joyful moments in try and find something or someone in the act of doing something embarrassing and telling everyone about it. LUCKY for us, we weren't doing anything! I mean we did kiss for a split second while we were quadding earlier, but he didn't see anything. But he is still so fun and we love him :)

It was a fantastic weekend and I can't wait to visit again!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012
All About Ben

The past 2 months have been so busy with all the Baby Showers, Baby Blessing, Visits from all of our family and friends, and of course everything that comes with a New Baby. It's definitely no secret that our lives pretty much revolve around Baby Ben.

Baby Shower #3
These next few pictures are from the baby shower that my sister-in-law Melina put on for me. She had the girls create their own little onesies for me. They are all so creative, adorable, and witty! There was also delicious food and wonderful gifts for baby Ben :)

Palm Tree, created my Teina Lowry.
Ben's own Crest, created my Melina Lowry.

"Spit Happens", created by Kathleen Lowry.
Bikini Beach (in Hawaii), created by Ylanna Lowry.

Beach Bum (the back end of Ylanna's onesie).
"Awesome, see above for details", created by Brittnee Lowry.

"Party. My Crib. 2:00 AM.", create by Tycy. Seriously hilarious.  

Baby Shower #2
In the beginning of April my mom put on another shower for me in Drayton Valley. I had so much fun! There were so many people and I loved being able to catch up with my family and friends. The food was outstanding, the gifts were adorable and fantastic, and the games and activities were so fun! We played Pictionary and all the words had to do with baby stuff. I pretty much sucked because I had no clue what some of the words were! But my team still won ;)

Here is a picture of Caitlin holding Ben. So cute :)

My beautiful cousin Kari and I

Can I just give some props to my girl Caitlin for making this amazing diaper tower cake!
It's incredible and it must have taken forever!
Love it so much.

Baby Shower #1
This one is a pretty funny story. My mom was down for the week to help me take care of Ben and on Saturday she had said that my Aunt Linda was having games at her house. So I head over there and go inside and my Aunt Linda greets me at the shower. Then all of a sudden....!SURPRISE! A bunch of my family and friends jump out into the hallway! It was such a lovely surprise and such a lovely shower :)  We played a game where there was melted chocolate bars in diapers and we had to guess which chocolate bar it was. Pretty gross was fun at the same time haha. Thank you Sydney Boyson for putting that on for me and Ben :)

I think this lovely woman definitely needs a shout out.

This is my wonderful mother.
She has been there every step of the way and I can't thank her enough!
The day after Ben was born she was right there beside me.
She stayed for an entire week!
She made a very large amount of premade dinners.
Maikal and I were so grateful that we didn't have to cook for weeks :)
She also taught me some tricks about nursing, bathing, and exercising Ben.
She was also around to take care of him while I napped. Seriously amazing.
And again after we blessed Benjamin she stay for an extra 3 days :)
I love hanging out with my mom and just catching up.
I miss being around my family.
But having Maikal's family so close is really a blessing!
If there is anything we need there is always a Lowry near by.
For reals, his brother Anthony and wife Brittnee literally live 3 doors down haha
I love being surrounded by family. It does my heart good <3

Ok I know this is a long blog post but I just have so much to say! I guess this means I've really been slacking on updating my blog....I promise I will be better from now on!

Now onto Ben's Baby Blessing:
I wish we could have gotten a picture of him in his outfit, but before we could he did a massive blowout and we had to take it off of him right away. So gross. But it was just a plain white onesie with white pants so it was nothing too fancy.
Ok so if you missed the blessing, this is what was said:
  • He will have a Solum Mind
  • He will accomplish many things
  • He will be a great example of a Missionary
  • He will develop properly and have a healthy body
  • He will have strength in serving his callings
  • He will have a family of his own and have joy in raising and supporting them
  • He has been blessed with a large and strong family with many great examples for him
  • He will learn to look to his ancestors for strength
  • He will have a great knowledge of the Saviours Love
I am so happy I have a husband like Maikal who is worthy to give our son such a great blessing. He was so nervous! But I think he did a great job. He is such a fantastic dad and loves his little boy so much. He helps me out so much by taking Ben whenever I need him too. He loves to play and make funny faces at him. It is seriously the cutest thing ever.

Now for a quick little Benjamin update:
He is now just over 2 months old
He is smiling up a storm! I love it sooo much!
He has the prettiest Blue eyes, still might change later.
His hair is turning more and more BROWN
He is now 11.7 lbs
He can stand for a long time

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