Thursday, January 27, 2011
Fact: I am the luckiest woman in the world!
I am in Love with an AMAZING man who brings SO much happiness into my life.
We have been dating for 5 months now, but it seems so much longer than that. In the past 5 months we have both grown as individuals and a couple. Sure there were some bumpy roads along the way, but we got through them together.
It is said that once the 'L' word comes out, then thats when the real work begins. And let me tell you, it has not been easy some of the time. But we know that we are suppose to be together, for time and all eternity :)

Now for what you've all been waiting for...
The Proposal!!! I couldn't have asked for a better way to be proposed to.

As most of you know, I am extremely gullible.
I guess I just put too much trust into people haha. So of course the roommates were in on it, they were instructed to take me out of the house 3pm so that Maikal could come by and decorate,
but i decided to go grocery shopping after class, and no one knew where I was so they were all panicking! But i came home around 3:30 so they calmed down for a minute.
As SOON as I got into the kitchen, Stacey tells me that Kendra is very upset and needs us, of course we both jumped into the car immediately and drove to where she was. We were there for about a half hour, then Stacey tells me she "forgot" that she needed to hand in an assignment and we needed to leave. (p.s, props to all the roommates for the incredible acting skills ;) )
Once i stepped through the door,
this is what i saw :)

Roses Roses Roses!
I got to the table and found an envelope
a piece of leather with a written clue on one side
and a map on the back.
The letter told me to
"go to the EXACT place where we became official"
I knew right away where that was..
But of course I looked terrible from being in school all day
So I rushed to my room and tried to
look acceptable :)

Once I got to Moxies, Tiffany Smith was standing there with my next clue.
"Go to the place where we had our first candle light dinner"
again, I knew right away where that was...
At his grandma's house in Magrath!
As I was driving I tried not to speed..
but I couldn't help it!
I was TOO EXCITED!! Once I got there I
Whipped out the leather piece from Tiffany, which had
a map telling me where my next clue was....
I followed the directions and this is what I found...

Boots. Gloves. Flashlight. Leather clue

The leather Piece told me to
go a certain amount of paces in
a numerous amount of directions,
I was having a little trouble finding my way,
but nathanial was there to give me little hints :)
Once I got to my next destination
I found a shovel and another leather clue.
It told me to keep walking
and start digging
where 'X' marks the spots!
So I travelled though the snow and mud
and found a dirt pile with an X on it!

He had buried a Treasure Chest!
Inside was loose change, a watch, cut-out heart, a map and...A SMALL BOX.
Now don't get too excited...
I opened it to find a small tag say,
"CTR, choose Maikal" ( super cute)
Unfortunately it was really dark out and I couldn't see very well.

As I was searching through the treasure
I heard a chelo start to play :)
Then I looked up and saw the
walking slowly towards me
looking VERY dashing :)
He knelt down in the Mud
and said...
"Brittany Curry, will you Marry Me?"

He slipped this puppy onto my finger
and made it Official!
We are now ENGAGED
and we are SO HAPPY!!!

He then took me inside
and we had a Beautiful Candle light dinner
Thanks to William and Nathanial for serving the food
and for Maikals Mom for making it :)
such an amazing cook!
We had my favourite meal
BBQ Ribs and stuffed potatoes.

I Just Love him!


  1. I love that you are in your gum boots and he's in a suit! Cute!

  2. OH that is just the sweetest proposal!!! Congrats Brit!

  3. Awesome couple, awesome ring, and this post totally made me tear up!!!! CONGRATS!

  4. That is a great proposal Brittany. I'm so excited for you both!

  5. You deserve the best my dear and....It looks like you got it. Happy Happy Mom!! :) He is so romantic and what a beautiful looking couple. Big thumbs up here for sure.

  6. im just LOVING all these comments!! thank you everyone for your support and compliments!

  7. Brittany.... i am so thrilled for you!!! you are such a beautiful person inside and out and am so glad you found that man of your dreams! You deserve nothing less.
    I love you so much. the proposal couldn't be any more perfect!
    Congrats again! xo
    Kari & Matt

  8. Congrats you two!! I loved reading your story.

    Brittany Low

    i had a feeling things would head this direction! Congrats Brittney, you guys are great!!!! I'm so happy for you! And excited that I stumbled across this blog :)

    -- Kristen Gibb.


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