Monday, February 7, 2011
Planning Planning Planning...

We only have 3 months to get everything done, and so far, it all seems to be coming together quite nicely :)
We have decided that our colours are going to be dark brown and creme
I would love to go for a more antique, victorian theme for the wedding.

Lace, Pearls, Tool, Antique decorations..etc.

In order to keep the planning organized...I decided to make this HUGE list on my wall. This way, whenever I see it I will remember what needs to get done instead of just leaving it to the last minute.

I seriously messed up on the 'g', as you can probably tell...

I will be blowing up a picture of us
and putting it into this frame :)

My mom bought freakin adorable!
I will probably put it up by the guest book table.

Here is a tub full of fabrics we bought.
Not exactly sure where it's all going to go,
but with my mom's help, things will
definitely fall into place ;)

Center Pieces
I chose to have these as our centre pieces :)
They are simply brown wooden pots and I just love them!
I am still deciding what I want to fill the pots with,
but I do know that I want pearls spilling out of them.

As for the Wedding Dress.....
I found this absolutely beautiful dress online...and I mean BEAUTIFUL!
Perfect in every way.
Lace, big train, form fitting...
But, I recently received an email from the company saying that they had finished the dress, but they were unsatisfied with the finished project and told me that I could either get a full refund, or wait for another dress to be made.
I wrote back telling them that I had time to wait for another dress to be made,
but I also asked if it were possible to be mailed the other dress as well, just so that I am able to have SOMETHING to wear on my wedding day!
And until I have my dress, I am unable to buy
Jewellery and shoes
that will compliment the dress.
I've never been a patient person, so the suspense is killing me!

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen
For the girls, I would like them in cute brown dresses and
creme accessories. (pearls, lace, belts, etc)
For the guys, I am really struggling with them.
Probable thinking black suit plants, white tops
with a brown tie to match the girls,
not too sure if that will look good or not.

Some other things that are on my list of things to get done are:
- Take engagement pictures
- Book the HoneyMoon :) - we plan to go to Mexico, or maybe even Cuba. Maikal served his Mission in Mexico and has never gone back to visit. Plus he knows the language which will seriously benefit us :)
We are thinking Cancun if it is Mexico. I was looking online,, and thought about just Renting someones Timeshare for a week. We're not made of money, so Im always looking for the best deals and cheapest flights.
- Find a place to live, hopefully in lethbridge

If anybody has any helpful tips about ANYTHING, please do not hesitate! I am all ears and I can really use the advice :)


  1. OH the joys of planning, at least you have a lot of time. Its fun sometimes.

    I don't get what happened with your dress though?


  2. well i bought it online, and they emailed me saying they messed up! and that they couldnt send it to me like that. so they gave me the choice of either a refund, or wait for them to make me another dress that is up to standard. so im gettin a little nervous....

  3. love the brown pots!!! i think load em with flowers!!! white/cream roses would be stunning... or perhaps tulips!


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