Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I think it is about time that I introduce everyone to Megabed!
Here it is...
so beautiful....so wonderful....so amazing...

Unfortunately this is not a real life size bed
We actually put together one Queen and one Twin bed together to create Megabed!

"Why?" you may ask..
well let me tell you

We don't like to be touched when we are sleeping
We need our own little space where we can just sleep in any position we want!
We are very similar in the way we sleep,
but this may not be a good thing.
Due to our similarity in sleep comfort,
it causes problems when we are put into a bed smaller than a King Size.
Waking up every time your spouse twitches, adjusts, talks in their sleep, snores, etc,
was causing an extreme lack of sleep for the both of us.
Since we couldn't afford a King, we just decided to make Megabed.
We were doing very well on just the Queen for a bit,
But once I started getting bigger and more uncomfortable
I really needed extra sleeping space.
But obviously when the baby comes we will need to make more room by
getting rid of the Twin bed.
We're hoping it will be fine lol...

There is an intense need for some decorating I know....
But I've been kinda busy focusing on the baby's room.
And if you are wondering...
Yes. This bed does go from wall to wall :)

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