Wednesday, February 29, 2012
Baby Ben

Where do I even begin!!!!!

Ok so it all started sunday morning during church. I was feeling quite uncomfortable and crampy. I decided that I should go home and try to figure out what was wrong so that I could fix it. I was almost Positive that it was just Braxton Hicks and that my body was simply practicing to have a baby. I even wrote on facebook and how I was feeling and almost everyone agreed that it was most likely Braxton Hicks. It was really the only thing that made sense at the time! I mean...why would I go into labour THIS early? 36 weeks was just not even a possibility to have a baby yet in my mind. But obviously I was very wrong.

So the day went on and things started to get worse. It was feeling more sharp and they were lasting longer and longer and getting closer and closer together. But I was not convinced that this could be anything more than false labour. So I didn't stress over it. Other than the fact that they were painful, I just kept saying to myself that it would be over soon. I remember reading on my cousin Radelle's status' once that she went through 9 hours of false labour so I thought I could last that long as well and be fine. I was seriously in such DENIALthat this could be real. That I could possibly be giving birth to our child tonight! Nope. Noway. Was NOT happening. Maikal of course was the opposite. He kinda started freaking out a bit. I told him to stop worrying and that I was just going to take a bath to calm my body down. Before that happened, Maikal called his sister in law Brittnee about how you know whether or not its false labour. She said that if the contractions are a set fixed time between each contraction then you are most likely in real labour. So as I was soaking in the tub, I was timing myself. I started at 5 min between each one.....then 4.....then 2. And they were pretty consistent. Although, the hot bath did seem to calm me down. Once I got out of the shower, things started to get intense. I found myself on the floor or leaning over a bed or couch because they were so painful. Maikal insisted that we go to the hospital NOW! But of course I STILL was in denial. He started to pack a bag for us just in case. He was scrambling all over the place and made sure we had what we needed.

That's when I decided to call my mom. She would know what was going on! She told me that if I rested on my back and the pain went away, or at least decreased a lot, then it was false labour. So we tried that, but no dice. The contractions were more painful then ever! It was then that I caved and and agreed to go to the hospital. BUT...there was noway I was leaving that house before receiving a blessing from Maikal and his brother Anthony. So he quickly rushed over to his house and brought him back. So we sat and had a quick blessing, he wished us luck, then we headed out the door. During all of this my contractions were about 2 min apart. The pain was at the point where I needed to moan or even shout sometimes. But they only lasted about 30 sec which was nice. But oh man, those 30 sec sure felt like forever! I tried to stay calm and keep my breathing deep and well paced. I did well for a while, but once we got inside the emergency area, I started to get a little more panicked.

It was 9:30 pm when we reached the hospital. In emergency areas, there is a special waiting place for people in labour. We of course didn't know that and the sign was so small that we didn't see it at first. We just stood at the usual waiting line for about 5 min until we saw the sign, we then rushed over to the other area. We did some paper work and they brought us over to the examination room. At this point, I was leaning on anything I could and starting to scream a little from the pain. But, the pain wasn't unbearable....

So they brought me in and put on a few wires and such to examine me. It took about 20 min. During those 20 min the contractions were getting very close together and the pain increased a dramatic amount. I was at the point where I couldn't hold still and I was screaming at the top of my lungs. Most people need to realize, the most pain I have ever felt was a twisted ankle in a volleyball game. And that doesn't even compare to anything I was feeling. So I really didn't know how to push through it. But the nurse kept trying to calm me down and keep me positive. Maikal of course was beside me the whole time holding my hand :)

At the end of the 20 min, the nurse felt to see if I was dilated, and what she said next was the most shocking thing ever! In my head I was still thinking this was fake and that it was simply a long and painful false labour. She then said I was 9 cm dilated and to immediately take me into the delivery room! "What!!" both of us had shocked looks on our faces. I of course started to bawl my eyes out! From both the pain and the shock that we were actually going to have a baby tonight!!

So there I was, stripping down, getting poked everywhere with needles, suffering through the contractions, 10 cm dilated, preparing to push, and of course, having absolute panic that this is really happening.

They lied me down and said to hold my legs up to my chest. By this point my water still hadn't broken, so the Dr. decided to go ahead and feel around to better understand my state. During this moment I was having a contraction and feeling the need to push. Then all of a sudden.........BOOM! SPLASH! SPLAT! My water EXPLODED all over the Dr. and the back wall. And I am NOT exaggerating when I say Exploded. It was like a warm over filled water balloon that popped! The look on Maikals face when this happened was the best part. It was a mix of panic, shock, surprise, and worry. It didn't hurt or anything, it was just so shocking that it scared the both of us! I had no clue what was going on and everything was happening so fast. So then the Dr. said that it was time to push. The first contraction comes and I start to yell and push! She told me that that way of pushing won't get me anywhere. I was losing too much air from my lungs and I needed to push lower down my body. So the next contraction comes and I give 2 big proper pushes. Once those were done I just turned to the Dr. and Maikal and said "Just Cut Me! Just Cut Me! I don't want to Do this anymore! Everyone of course ignored my demands and just told me to calm down, relax and push again! All I could think about was many women's stories about how they had to push for an hour and a half at least! Some for 3 hours! This was very unsettling and I could not be doing this for the next 2 hours! So the next contraction came and I gave the biggest 2 pushes! Halfway through my second push the Dr told me to stop but I didn't listen. I kept pushing and within 1/2 second I felt the whole baby come out! All I could say afterwards was "it still hurts! it still hurts!". Well this was because I tore. Sooooooo painful! Next time I will definitely listen when the Dr says to Stop! This may have been avoided if I listened..........lesson well learned! She then started to freeze so there wouldn't be as much pain. But the needle was almost just as painful! She started to stitch me up while the nurse started to push on my stomach to get the rest of the junk out of my stomach. Which by the way is also extremely painful, but bearable. By this point Maikal was over on the chair holding our little baby boy. I couldn't hold him just yet because I was still in pain and I really wanted my first time seeing and holding him to be more pleasant.

The pain soon decreased and I felt ready to hold my baby boy. Maikal placed him in my arms and we just stared at our beautiful baby! We love him so much and of course it was all worth it!

Benjamin Mason Tinirau Lowry was born Feb 26, 2012 at 10:26 pm and weighed in at 6lbs. 10oz and perfectly healthy! Not too shabby for being 4 weeks early! :)

Time in the hospital was pretty rough. I had alot of stitches and everything was sore. Ben didn't sleep very much the first night but was great after that :) He still has yet to breast feed. This is a huge trial of baby Ben and I, but he's doing much better now and I have high hopes that he will learn soon!

As of right now, Maikal and I are just happy to be home and enjoying our little man!
Thank you everyone for the support and love!

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  1. Holy Moses! You are a trooper! Hehe, Maikal looks more worn out than you do in that first picture of you guys with Benjamin. I hope you're healing up well and look forward to seeing more pictures of your precious little baby. A big congratulations to you and Maikal!!


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