Monday, July 16, 2012
First Bites

This past week, Benjamin has stopped sleeping through the night. My cousin Radelle had the same situation happen with her little girl and she said that once she gave her some food, she was back to sleeping through the night again. So we thought we would give this a shot!
There were some Avocado's in the fridge so we smooshed that up and let him have a taste!
His facial expressions were the best part! He kept trying to suck on the spoon :)
He didn't get much down. He kept pushing it back out of his mouth, but for his first time I think he did pretty well! After a few bites he seemed to quite enjoy the taste :)
Some people might think that at 4.5 months he is too early to be given food. But I think every baby is different and they will let you know when they are ready. All you have to do is see the signs!

Just realizing that this stuff is actually pretty yummy!

"YUM give me more!"


  1. So cute!

    And you are so right - every baby is different. Brooklyn started food at 6 months and in an ideal world I would have done the same with Jonah. I like the idea of exclusively breastfeeding for the first 6 months...but Jonah had a different plan. Not only was he crawling at 4 1/2 months, but he was hungry and ready for food. He was on baby food for all of a week and then refused, wanting the good/real stuff. So we never looked back. Interestingly, while both my kids are good eaters, he is far less picky mood wise when it comes to food and will just eat whatever.

    My personal suggestion is to avoid the jarred baby food if you can and, instead, do what you did and just mash up the real will help him get used to the real flavors :) And while I think trying new foods is great, just be cautious about trying too many new foods in one day {if there is gas or other issues you won't know the culprit}....

    super cute - can you believe how big they get so fast?! amazing!

  2. oh my goodness Jonah was a wild child!! That is seriously amazing that he was crawling at this age!!! And I've always planned on making my own baby food. It's just so much cheaper and super easy to make! Thanks for bringing that to my attention about the 'too many foods' in a day thing, never even thought about the consequences of that! It is so amazing how fast they grow. I was just looking back at his newborn pictures and realized how much he's changed. I can't wait for him to learn new things! :)


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