Thursday, August 23, 2012


The issue of weather or not to give you children their shots has been a huge controversy with sooo many people lately. Many people agree with the theory that shots is causing autism in our children. But,  studies have shown that it is the 2 year old shot that they are linking this autism theory to. On the other side of this issue, many people agree that without having their shots, children are more likely to get very ill, and in some cases even cause death. So obviously both sides have strong and legit opinions.

As for my opinion, I somewhat agree with both. I do think there is a link with shots and autism. I also think that without having their shots, children are more vulnerable to disease. Maikal and I have heard both sides from many of our family and friends so we decided to look up studies on both sides of the spectrum. Studies have shown that since vaccinations started happening, disease, illness and death has gone WAY down....BUT...since vaccinations started, autism HAS risen. (keep in mind, that there IS NO ACTUAL PROOF that these vaccination are causing autism, simply strong theories.)
BUT....the reduction of disease and death percentages far more outweighs the percentage of autism in many statistics that we've looked at.

So it came down to this, would we rather have our child take the risk of getting very ill and possibly dying from various illnesses, OR, do we take the chance of Autism. In my opinion, I would much rather my child be alive and have his body be able to fight these diseases, and take the chance of autism. BUT...since I do believe in the autism theory, we have decided to wait longer for him to have his shots. Another study in Europe had shown that waiting to give your child his/her shots GREATLY reduced the chance of autism. So really.....I am somewhat taking both sides.

I know many of you are SO against shots and some of you are SO against not having shots. And I respect everyone's decisions for what they choose to do to their own children. But this is simply the world we live in today. Full of controversy and argument.

Do I believe that people need their own opinion?
Do I believe that it is necessary for these types of studies should go world wide?
Do I believe that people need to respect other people's opinions on this matter?

I am very thankful for those who put out articles, studies, stats, and personal stories on both matters. Without them I wouldn't have been able to make an educated decision or come up with my own opinion. And of course, there is ALWAYS one way to settle your decision on what you should do.
Pray. plain and simple.

The Lord WILL tell you what is right for your children.
He WILL protect them.
He WILL give them what they need.

That being said.
We took Ben in for his shots on Tuesday and he was such a champ!! Barely any crying. But it was hard when he did start to cry because it was hurting him. It's very heartbreaking but we got through it. He is doing very well and is acting very normal. We were also due for our shots so we ended up having ours done too. Our arms are pretty sore but hopefully it won't last long :)

"Stop all the Arguing!!"

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