Tuesday, December 4, 2012

When I first moved to Hawaii, I would do 2 things.....stay inside or go on a walk. I had no one to hang out with! I felt so bored and alone alot of the time. It wasn't until this one girl Cari decided to create a playgroup for us mom's in and around TVA (temple view aprmts). This literally changed my life! Not only did I make great friends, but Ben made some as well! I have especially grown close to 2 of the mom's in playgroup, Cari and Lauren. Cari has a little girl Roxi (18mo's) and Lauren has a little boy Tayden (14 mo's). We all have so much fun together and I love that our kids can play with each other. Every Mother needs mommy friends. We help each other with everything and anything we can. We can relate with each other and tell each other all the stories about being a mom. It's so much fun and I highly recommend anyone out there who is a mom who doesn't have any mommy friends, to get one asap! It will make your life easier and much more fun!

This is Lauren. She is an amazing friend and fantastic mother. 
She has really motivated me to get back in shape!
She use to play for the BYUH Volleyball team and still managed to 
keep her rockin bod after having Tayden!
so jealous.....

This is Cari. She's pretty much BA.
She is currently prego with her second baby and she looks amazing!
Cari is so solid and is always fun to be around.

Roxi. She's a Babe.

Tayden. Lady Killer.

Sara and yaya

As you can see we spend alot of our time at the beach.
All of the kids enjoy it! I mean...who doesn't love the beach!


  1. You would go put a awkward picture of me haha. I love your blog! Cutest pictures ever! I think I might just make a link from mine to yours and say "ditto." :)

  2. Haha thx! And I think you look so good in that pic! and you are more than welcome to link anything you want :)

  3. BAHA, I love that picture of Ben buried in the sand! He looks so chill!

    So jealous! Looks like you're having a great time!


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