Saturday, January 19, 2013

Well, I tried, but I failed.
I tried to lose those blasted 20 pounds!
But it is just so much harder than it looks!
I was never overweight and always had somewhat of a fit physique, so I've never had to experience doing hard work to lose weight!
Ive been eating better and been working out alot more.
Needless to say, I didn't reach my goal of losing 20 pounds by Christmas.

BUT...I did lose 7 pounds! Which I am pretty excited about :)
At least Ive lost something!

One day...this body will be mine again...


  1. Don't worry Brittany! I am trying to lose 20 lbs as well, and I was always fit too lol. I am currently down 11 lbs but I can't seem to get past that. We will succeed!! It will take time and patience though :) I love all your pictures by the way! SO CUTE!!!

  2. Thanks Jill! Great job on the weightloss! 11 pounds is fantastic!! I wish we had a magic wand to give us back our high school volleyball Keep me updated on how ur doing! :) need to blog more...and post more pictures..

  3. Haha! You can lose the weight but you'll still need that magic wand to give you back your high school bodies! Well, maybe just a LOT of plastic surgery work!! If you ever find one of those magic wands please let me know!!!!

  4. hey it definitely looks youve already had that magic wand waved right at you! you would NEVER guess youve had 3 kids. you look amazing melina :)


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