Friday, February 15, 2013
Be My Valentine

It was the morning of Valentine's Day and neither of us treated the day like any other, we ate some breaky then Maikal went to school for the day.

Secretly I was hoping he had forgotten it was Valentine's Day so that I could surprise him with a lovely little dinner later on.

He came home for lunch and I made him some bacon and eggs. He then had a realization look on his face...he turned to me and said, 'Happy Valentine's Day Hun!' I of course laughed and said it back. Throughout the day I was trying to come off as 'oh I don't care about Val Day' just so he would be even more surprised later on. He told me it was going to be a busy day and probably wouldn't be back until 8ish. I was happy about that because it would give me plenty of time to prepare every, PLUS Ben would be asleep already so it would have made for a more romantic evening.

Everything was going to plan, I had all my ingredients and decorations bought and planned out, until something horrible happened....Maikal decided to come home and hang out with me for an hour at 4:30! Gah! I had already been thawing out the beef for my spaghetti (i chose that because it's red just to try and have a Val coloured theme). This was terrible. He saw that I was preparing for spaghetti so he was excited.....well there goes our entree for the evening lol. It was alright, we could just have a dessert themed surprise dinner instead. But lucky for me, I didn't have ANYTHING else out so he didn't see that I was planning something.

After he left I went straight to work. 
I prepared;
-Chocolate Cupcakes with Pink Icing
-Chocolate covered Strawberries
-Pistachio Pudding
-And of course the Sparkling Cider

I had placed a lovely white table cloth on the table (which is actually a sheer curtain...ya im classy like that) and also made this cute little centre piece. I then jumped in the shower and got ready.
He came home at 8pm and was totally surprised! He said to me 'I totally thought you just didn't care about Val day! You tricked me!". He then had a little surprise of his own! He had boughten me a darling flower! It is sooo beautiful <3

We finished the night with a mini silly photoshoot and of course watched The Vampire Diaries.


  1. Those cupcakes look DELICIOUS! And I love the curtain table cloth, I think that is the classiest way to do things. This is a secret - for my wedding I just bought white bed sheets and cut them into long table cloths.... hehehe

  2. hahahahaha! oh Kristen, you are seriously too funny! I love so much that you did that for ur wedding! Also, Maikal and I were discussing, and we came to the conclusion that it is a MUST that you guys come to Hawaii and stay with us!

  3. Love this!! So cute! I wish you were here to make me chocolate covered strawberries.

  4. I'll make you a deal come HERE and I will make you the most DELICIOUS Chocolate Covered Strawberries in the WORLD!


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