Friday, March 22, 2013

Rainy Days

Here in Hawaii it is the rainy season.
And on these days, I like to get crafty!!
On campus there is a place called 'the give and take'.
It is a place where a bunch of stuff has been dropped off, abandoned, or donated.
Everything is free! All you have to do is do a little services before you can take anything.
For example, folding clothes, organizing stuff, hanging things up, etc.

It is the perfect place to go and 'shop'. I especially love to find things that I can fix up
or make into something new.
I like to think I have some sort of creative side to me,
so here on these rainy 'cold' days, I let this side come out to play!

This was an oversized, ugly, sailor dress.
I saw it's potential and made it into something wearable and cute!
I took off the belt, cut off the collar, and took it in to fit me.
Now it's just cute and simple!
So cute! Love it.

I was about to do a stylized photoshoot for my photography and new I needed a head piece!
I found these old ugly dirty flower head bands, some fabric, some pearl things, and some ribbon.
I cut off the flowers from the headbands, cut up the tool fabric
and started rearranging everything.
And THIS is what i came up with!
Cute right!?
Perhaps I may start making more and selling them...

Found these two boring old frames.
Saw this cute idea on pinterest and went for it!
Painted them blue, added some string and voila!
Cutest pin up picture frames ever!

A huge thank you goes out to Cari Enesa for letting me
Steal all of her crafty materials!

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