Monday, October 28, 2013
Death Cookies

I have a funny story to tell....well it wasn't funny at the time...but now I can shake my head at the whole thing.

The other day, my sister-in-law brought a friend over for cookies. We've never met before so I knew nothing about him. We were just going to have an innocent night full of delicious cookies and good conversation. As I was plating the cookies, something whispered into my ear, "ask him if he's allergic."
I ignored it like I usually do. I have a serious problem with not listening to the spirit when I need to. So I start handing out the cookies and I hear it again, except this time it was louder, "ASK HIM IF HE'S ALLERGIC". Once again, I did not listen.

So each of us have a few cookies and we're having a good laugh and so on. Then I look over to him and he directly ask's me, "are there Peanuts in these cookies?" My heart dropped. "Yes there are!" Everyone stops and looks at him. "I am allergic". I knew the second he asked that he was allergic. Why didn't I listen!! I asked if he had an Epi Pen, he said it's at his house. People who are allergic to peanuts, are usually DEATHLY allergic to Peanuts. I literally SHUV him out the door to go get that pen! I was worried about him all night. I could have prevented this whole thing! Later that morning I learned that he had been throwing up all night.....Im the worst cookie host of all time.

Because of my lack of listening skills, I could have killed someone! But, it's kind of a funny story to tell no? If we end up being friends for a long time, it will be funny to bring it up. "Remember that first night we met and I almost killed you?" ya....'s nice to know that I can receive personal's just too bad Im too stubborn to listen!

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