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Friday, December 19, 2014
Basically I wanted to do this blog post based solely on Aurora's coat haha. I mean come on. Have you ever seen a cuter baby girl coat!!! I picked this up at a thrift shop and could not wait until she could fit it!!! For some reason, the tag doesn't say where it's from :( Sorry.

I seriously can't believe this weather we've been having this winter. It's amazing!!!!!! Best winter ever to start with from coming back from Hawaii :) Ben is so interested in snow and he loves to just walk in it. This christmas we will be taking him sledding for the first time ever and Im so excited!! so many winter games and fun to be had.

This year is my families turn for Christmas. Due to living in Hawaii, we weren't able to afford to come home last year. So I haven't had Christmas with my family for 3 whole years!!! I finished all my shopping today (yes I know, Im a procrastinator).  Uhhhh I love Christmas. It's the best time of year. Family, Friends, Food, Giving, Surprises, Winter Games, Birth of Christ, Celebrations, Hot Chocolate, Lights, Carolling, and so so much more!!!


  1. EEEeeee, I love little Maikal - she's soooo adorable!! And yes that jacket is to die for… and so are her boots, and hat, and pants, and pretty much everything about her! And your hair. Your hair is to die for too.

  2. Love you and your cute littles!


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