Patty's Day Coat

Tuesday, March 17, 2015
Happy St. Patty's Day....or if you're some kids....Happy Leprechaun Day!!! This holiday will always hold a special place in my heart because 1) Green is my all time favourite colour 2) My heritage is half Irish. If that wasn't already obvious with my hair haha.
I have always wanted to be in Ireland for this day. Just to see how the real Irish people celebrate. I assume with a lot of Beer and Music lol. Visiting Ireland is on my Bucket List!

Funny story. When my sister Chelsie was little, she was absolutely terrified of Leprechauns! So my brother and I decided to play a fun, but sick, joke on her. We drew all these scary and mean looking Leprechauns and stuck them all over her room. That way when she came home and turned the light on in her room, she would fall to the floor in terror. Because who doesn't want to watch someone get terrified??? It's freaking hilarious. Mean?? Maybe. But funny ;) I think she may be scarred from it....

Anyways. I thought for this OOTD post I would sport one of my favourite coats from my winter closet! It is my favourite shade of green, forest. And it is SO warm, but the material is so light! I also love the hood and button detail. And it's loooooong. I hate when coats are too short then they leave your lower back exposed to the cold! Or when you sit down outside in the cold, and your becomes frozen and numb from the seat. The worst. I think the reason I love this green so much is because It really compliments my hair colour. It just makes it POP!

Coat :: Found this gem at a thrift shop. It doesn't have a brand name on it. Wish I thought was weird. It just says 'system'.

Sweater :: Ardene, old. (Similar)

Jeans :: Ardene

Boots :: Suzy Shier

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