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Saturday, April 4, 2015
You know what is one of my absolute favourite things when it comes to clothes???

Knock Offs

Yes you read it right.
I spend a lot of time on Pinterest, reading fashion blogs, looking at magazines, etc. Just looking for inspiration and getting ideas for when I go shopping. And you know what I hate the most about looking at these things......that I know in the back of my mind that I will never be able to afford any of it. Nothing. A simple designer bag is thousands of dollars.

I'm poor. And even if I wasn't, I seriously don't think I could ever spend thousands of dollars on a simple handbag, shoes, dresses, etc. I have anxiety about spending $30 for a top! I found this pretty freaking awesome website called Aliexpress. It's a China based website where everything is wicked cheap. There is a ton of Brand Name things (obviously I know they are not real) But they look EXACTLY the same to me. I've boughten a few things and I've been super impressed with the quality!!

So, this past Fall/Winter season, I've seen these boots everywhere!! They are a little short on me. Probably because they are knock offs haha. But I still love them! They are the Knock Off's of Stuart Weitzman knee high boots. They are super comfortable and I love the look of a super high boot! An original Stuart Weitzman Boot is close to $900..........ya no. no way. I'd rather spend $80 on my knock offs thank you very much.

Boots :: Aliexpress

Dress :: Joe Fresh, Sold Out (Similar)

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