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Wednesday, December 16, 2015
Today, I will be doing something a little differently. I have teamed up with a few other beautiful and talented Bloggers to bring you a new series called "How we wore it" where we search for inspiration, whether it be on Pinterest, another blogger, or something that one of us is interested in, and we take that inspiration and make it work in our own way and style! It's so fun!

 So todays inspiration is SEQUINS!!!! We got our idea from this photo below:

Link to BLOGGER for this look HERE

Growing up, I always thought Sequins only belonged in the 80's, and it should never return. And it wasn't until I photographed a product clothing line for (Be sure to check out all their stuff, because it's super adorable!) that my love for Sequins was born! They had me photograph these Sequin leggings and I was instantly hooked. They were so sparkly and fashionable. Soon after coming out with Sequin leggings, they came out with this STUNNING SEQUIN SKIRT!! It was in my shopping cart immediately. No questions asked.

And it was perfect for the Holiday Season and New Years! Double Win! So if you're looking for something that will sparkle and make a statement, yet still super comfy to wear, then this skirt is for you! And there are so many options on how to wear this skirt. In fact, a blogger that Im partnering with this Post is in fact wearing that same skirt and is rocking it with a different style!

Ps Thank you Hannah Paige Photography for my photos!

SKIRT :: Mayberrys

And please check out these other bloggers whom I am collaborating with!! Sequins all round!

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