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Friday, August 12, 2016
It is currently day 16 without Maikal. *Cue 'Survivor' Theme Music*

Before Maikal left for Cleveland, I thought '6 weeks??? Pffft we can do that!'
It wasn't until this week that I started having thoughts like 'will it ever end!?' 'Sept 5th is never going to get here'.
Then I took a breathe, slapped myself, and got it together. Yes of course it will get here! I just need to fill my days so that time will go by faster. Which is actually pretty easy since there is SO MUCH TO DO before I leave! PLUS sweet summer activities! Although, this rain is putting a major damper on our outdoor plans. Lamesauce 'amiright' Southern Alberta!?? I just want it to be hot and spend our days at the lake and splash parks.

The kids are doing pretty well considering, although they miss him a lot! We have multiple Skype dates so they get to see their Daddy. Uhhh the look on their faces when his face is on the screen is priceless! I cannot wait to reunite our family!

I am currently in DV about to shoot my 2nd last wedding of the summer and I am pretty excited about it. This is also the weekend where I will be saying goodbye to my Dad and Chelsie *Major Sad Face*. I wish we could have lived closer together during these last 5 years. We won't likely be coming back for Christmas so it will be a YEAR before we see anyone again. Unless you come to us, which I would be very happy about! Just sayin'. We've already been saying our slow goodbyes to a few family and friends here and there throughout the last few weeks and my heart hurts a little more every time. I love our Family. I love our Friends. They are what make life so happy for us. We could live anywhere in the world and be happy if we were simply surrounded by good company. Im pretty sucky when it comes to making friends, so hopefully my luck with turn around once I get to Cleveland. Im assuming there will be quite a few other Dentist/Doctor wives that will be just as lonely as me! So we will need to stick together! haha.

A lot is going to happen over the next 3 weeks preparing to move and getting things ready, so we will be super busy. Which is, like I said, a good thing for us. I've got so many ppl offering their help and it feels so good to know ppl are there for us. Thank you to everyone who has helped so far! Especially Mom for kicking my lazy bum into gear ;)

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