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Thursday, October 27, 2016
Well these pictures were an interesting experience haha
Maikal wasn't home, so I tried my best to do them myself. Obvi I tried to both get me and the socks in the same pic....and it turned into an adventure lol.

Anyways. This 'How we wore it' is about animal print! Personally, I am not into the usual animal print like cheetah or zebra or whatever, but I AM into animals on the print. These socks are seriously the cutest things I have ever out on my feet! Hummingbirds are my spirit animal, and I just love them.

Fall is definitely here in Ohio, and that means time get bundled up and cozy! Which to me means I now have to wear socks on a daily basis. And life is too short for boring socks ;) I looooove getting bundled up in big sweaters, leggings, warm socks, drinking hot tea or cocoa. I mean....I hate the cold outside, its horrible, but I still love the bundly-ness of it all lol.

Socks :: Mayberrys (currently out of stock, but love THESE)

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