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Monday, November 14, 2016
I came to realize 2 things while doing this post:

1) I own zero Plaid Clothing. Why? I have no idea. I love Plaid! Time for a wardrobe update. Not mad about it.

2) I can pull off a Man's dress shirt like nobody's business. It was the only thing in the closet!! And after shooting the pics, I also then realized that it is more checkered than your traditional Plaid pattern. But it still works right?

Like Marshmallows and Hot Chocolate, Plaid and Fall just go together. The versatility of Plaid is unreal. Be sure to check out my friend's blogs to see what they did with it! (Link at Bottom of post). And yes, it is still Fall around these parts. And also back home in Alberta too I see! What is this crazy weather!!? I'm certainly not complaining, I hate the cold.

You guys, it's Finals week for Maikal, and he is writing his big nasty one today! Then it's American Thanksgiving holidays! Maikal gets a full week off of school for this, but with the weekends in between, we have 10 days off!....I guess they really celebrate this holiday down here in America. Im all for it! We have plans to travel to Ontario and Cincinnati. So happy to have some quality time with my family. 1 Semester almost done!

Top: Old, but Love THIS, THIS, and THIS

Cardigan : Old, also love THIS

Boots : Old, similar HERE and HERE

Please check out my friend's posts PLUS a Guest Blogger for this month!

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  1. LOVE IT. Haha.. you're the greatest! Enjoy some much needed family time!!!


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