How We Wore It | Fall Florals

Monday, October 2, 2017
Hello Fall!!!

My girls and I are back! "How We Wore It" is officially a thing again. We use to do this monthly, take a common fashion trend, then make it our own and share it in this series. This summer was super crazy for everyone so we've been a bit behind hah.

Well....surprise, I woke up to SNOW this morning. Yup...SNOW. But that's not getting my love for Fall get me down lol.

So, for this 'How We Wore It' post we are doing Fall Florals!! Turns out, Florals aren't just for Spring ;) And Fall colours are my colours so im a pretty happy gal in this season. Plus Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc. And we are that much closer to Christmas!! I have also had a really great time dressing up my baby bump! I am 30 weeks now and can't believe how time is flying. Soon I will have that precious babe in my arms. Seems like perfect timing to have a baby in the late Fall/early Winter because I get something super cute and warm to snuggle with all day :)

This is a pretty quick post for me as I am currently about to drive Maikal back to the airport after coming for the weekend. Boo!!!! So enjoy this and Enjoy my friends posts as well! (linked at bottom)

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