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Wednesday, February 13, 2019
So I've recently learned about the term 'Galentines'.
From what i've learned, it's about your 'Gal' Pals having a party around Valentines to spread the love beyond your partners!

Well, lucky me I have recently had the best gal pal party ever.......MY SISTERS WEDDING.
These 7 ladies were THE BEST. I could spend days on end with every single one of them and never get bored. The nicest, fiercest, generous, light hearted girls around. Each person brings something special to the table and made Chelsie feel like a queen on her big day. Go Team!!

For me, dates with my girlfriends are so important. There are so many topics that get discussed with women that would never be brought up with your parents, husbands, kids, etc. It's nice to let loose that way!

OK lets talk about the second best dress at the wedding (next to the vision in white of course), the bridesmaid dresses!
Chelsie new she wanted something 'beachy' and easy for her bridesmaids.
Searched Amazon....done. I don't know about you guys, but I never thought i'd be an 'online shopper'. And it takes practice, but I have found it to save me so much time!
We found these awesome dresses and I was so excited!!! I love how light the fabric is and how soft it is!! It goes with every skin tone and every body type. And my fav thing about it would have to be the different ways you can tie the top. We each did something different and brought out a different twist to each style.
Con about it is definitely the lack of boob coverage (meaning padding). And each of us have double sided tape somewhere on our boobs to keep things in place, but we made it work! I bought my first stick on bra and was easier than I thought.

Dress:: HERE

Shoes:: HERE

Sticky Bra:: HERE

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