Thursday, June 23, 2011
This is how we kick off Summer

This past week...
Maikal, Ben, Jesse, Brandon and I decided it would be a good idea
to celebrate the start of summer with a little Cliff Jumping!

The long walk to the cliffs.
So beautiful.

The Boys:

As you can see, the river was
Flooded!! And cold.
In order to get to the cliffs,
one must swim.

Coldness+High dangerous River=No Thanks.
Mostly the coldness.

Monkey Men
I had the camera ready just in case
one, or both fell. That way we could have
some photo memory of it.

Brandon's turn

Jesse's Jump.

It's a long climb up to the top of the cliff.
I would say about 30 feet.
Yup...that's high.

Ben's Jump.

The Current was so strong, but Ben pushed through.

Brandon's jump.

Sasquatch Brandon

So happy he made it to shore, alive.

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