Monday, June 6, 2011
To: Radelle Jensen

Radelle is my ever most beautiful and stunning cousin.
She has one of the kindest most generous hearts
in the Entire world, and when I say ENTIRE, it's the upmost truth.

Always Giving.
Always Sharing.
Always Caring.
Always Loving.
Always Loyal.
Always Fabulous.

Radelle was our wonderful photographer
and there is no doubt that she does amazing work.
Her company is called Eternal Reflections Photography.
Also by her side as another fabulous photographer in this company is
Kari Burgess. Simply Stunning.
They have been noted on countless occasions for their
fabulous work and spunky personalities.
Having Radelle as our photographer was definitely an
experience I hope everyone can have.

Maikal is not one for enjoying having his picture taken in a formal setting,
but as time went by, her mix of comedy, laughter, and positive attitude
disarmed even his reluctance. We both had a wonderful time
and we would do it again in a heart beat.

We cannot thank you enough Radelle for a
memorable experience full of fun and fabulous moments.
You're gift will be one we keep and cherish for a lifetime and more.
Thank you.

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