Monday, July 18, 2011
Tooth Fairy Alert

About 2 months ago, I had an appointment to have my wisdom teeth taken out. The appointment overall was an alright experience. let's be honest, it could have gone ALOT worse than it did. Just a little swelling and not too much pain. Power of drugs people.
A couple of weeks ago, I felt a small sharp piece of something in the back right of my mouth. Right where my wisdom tooth was.
At first I thought that maybe it was simply a piece of candy or some sort of food that would not come out of my mouth.
It wasn't until I decided to investigate this sharp annoyance by looking in the mirror and trying to get it out, that I discovered it was attached.
That's right.
My Dentist had mistakenly missed part of my tooth.
I really don't see how he could have missed it.
Just Look! It's Huge! And just look at those sharp edges...ouch.
It's been this way for a couple weeks now, and just this morning
I was playing around with it with my tongue...
and POP!
That sucker just ripped right off the gum.
The pain was no more than a little pinch.
I can't even tell you how much I am grateful that this thing came out.
Definitely thought I was going to be stuck with it until Maikal became a Dentist himself.

And there it is.

See those sharp edges!
I could seriously hurt someone.


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