Friday, July 22, 2011
Maikal turns 26!

Yesterday, friends and family gathered to celebrate Maikal's birthday. It was a wonderful day filled with yummy food, laughter, silliness, and of course love. The day went something like this:
Maikal and I both went to work.
I came home first and cleaned and organized the house.
Maikal then came home and I gave him a big Happy Bday Kiss!
I started prepping for dinner. On the menu was Maikal's favourite dinner: Pork Chops with mushroom gravy, pea's and rice with apple sauce. So delicious!
Then Andrew and Brandon showed up. They both had presents so we immediately jumped into the unwrapping. Andrew gave Turks and silly puddy. For Brandon's present, he had phoned me earlier to tell me all about it. As most of you know, Maikal lost his phone about a month ago. We had sworn he left it in Brandon's car, but we tore that car apart looking for that phone. As time past, we gave up hope and decided to just buy a new phone. But Brandon's phone call was probably one of the best call's I've received all week. He told me that he FOUND HIS PHONE! He somehow overlooked this little section in his car. It was right behind this book that Maikal was reading. He had this great idea to give Maikal his phone to him as his birthday present! And what a great present indeed!!

He was so excited to open his presents!

He also likes to be creepy with his presents..

Best Present Ever!

Oh ya...and have you noticed the sweet Moustache...
I actually kinda like it!
The boys kept saying that he looks like
the ideal Cop or Firemen.
And I totally agree!

The delicious Cake that Brandon made!

Singing Happy Birthday!

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