Monday, September 19, 2011
Heart Beat.

Today is an Awesome day.
We had an appointment with our
Doctor in Coaldale to get a referral
to a Lethbridge Doctor.
While we were there, he mentioned that
I was far enough along that we could hear the Heart Beat.
If we wanted.


Yes Please!!

So we went right into it!
I lied down on the table then the Doctor
lubricated the Machine Thingy,
placed it on my lower tummy and waited for about
1 Second!

And there it was.

The most beautiful heart beat I have ever heard.
Maikal thought that it kind of sounded
like a train lol

It was Strong,
and right on track.

Maikal and I both just smiled at each other
and we couldn't believe our ears!
This was the sound of our baby.
It's actually in there!!!
Things are definitely getting more real!!!

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