Monday, October 17, 2011
Busy Busy

Where do I start....
Well lets start with the fact that we've moved into a new place!
From the North side to the West.
We're mainly settled in.
All we really need to do is more cleaning and of course...
Although the walls are the colour of skin, the house is very nice.
3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, unfinished basement, etc.
Definitely fitting for a family of 3 :)

Maikal and I went up to Drayton this year for thanksgiving.
It's always so nice to see my family and friends!
We played volleyball, Settlers of Catan, Concentration, and so much more.
We had our big dinner on Sunday and man was it delicious!
One of my most favourite things to do is
Eat and Visit with Family and Friends.
I am so blessed in my life to have been born into such a wonderful Immediate
as well as extended family.
We also took advantage of the beautiful fall weather and took a few
Family photo's :)
It's crazy how this picture has grown one person and is soon again
going to grow another!
My family is so excited to have their first grandchild and niece/nephew.

Baby Time
I am now 17 weeks pregnant and feeling good.
I still haven't had any nausea but I have
thrown up on the rare occasion.
I've gained about 3 pounds.
Although I feel like I've gained so much more!
I have found that my jeans are too tight and my shirts are too short.
Time to go shopping!
I had my first official Maternal Doctors Appointment
with Dr. Watke. She is very kind and informative.
The baby is about the size of an open hand now
and I think...maybe...I've started to feel it kick!
It could just be gas bubbles....not too sure.
But it's very exciting!

Since I am 17 weeks along, I've decided
that it's time to have my belly shot!
Maikal was my little photographer and as you
can see, it took a little while to get a good shot.
Sometimes when people are behind a nice big camera,
all they'll want to do is snap pictures like crazy and say, "Work it" lol

Explaining to Maikal that this is the size of frame I wanted.

Getting frustrated...

More frustrated...


Blinded by the flash

The flash was overwhelming!

And finally.
My nice 17 week baby bump picture :)

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  1. Haha! I love the extra pictures. It makes the last one even more perfect. I also love the new family pic.


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