Monday, October 31, 2011

I LOVE Halloween.
I love
dressing up
scaring people
all the fun games
trick or treating
and of course, the scary movies

This year was our first Halloween as a Married couple
we went to a fabulous and fun party on friday at the King's
We had such a blast!
Our costume was....
2 Zombies badly sewn together.
So basically, we were eternally attached :)

I know you can't see it,
but we had nude fabric at our hips
and we had used yarn as our thread :)

On Sunday we invited our friends over
for some supper, dessert, and pumpkin carving.
and id have to say....
there are some pretty creative ideas here!

Christmas tree, Butt Crack, Jack-O-Lantern, Angry Birds Pig, and the only Scary Pumpkin

Kendra and Syd.
Fabulous job ladies ;)
Way to bring the Christmas Spirit early this year!

Stacey and Scott
So Creative!

Andrew and Nicole
by far the funniest!

The pumpkin obviously stole his happiness.

Brittany and Maikal
Typical Scary Pumpkin.
But I still thought it was pretty neat lol

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