Wednesday, July 17, 2013

It's 1:30am.
Ben will not sleep.
He's been fussing and crying for over 1 hour.
I hate everything right now.

Ok im going to vent again. Sorry guys. I must seem like a miserable person hahaha. Ever since the second week of being in Canada, Ben has been a sleeping nightmare. That very first week, he was sleeping 13 hours straight every night!! Best baby ever!! And then we went up to my parents house where it all fell apart. And I just don't see why! He had his own room, he had lots to do during the day, he had lots of people loving him, it wasn't super cold.....SO WHAT WAS IT!! It seems i will never know for sure.

There has been talk of regression, he's out of his routine, there are too many new things in his life, he is over tired.......but I seriously just don't know what to do anymore. I live in a full house. Every room is taken, so where does Ben get to sleep? Right next to me in my room. So I can't even just go shut a door and let him scream it out for a while. He's RIGHT next to me screaming. And Ive tested this over and over and over....he WILL NOT sleep through the night if he is in the same room as us. He just doesn't. And even if he has his own room in this house (the boys leave on vaca sometimes), he still won't sleep. FRICK! WHAT DO YOU WANT CHILD!?? He's super happy during the day and takes good naps. Tonight, I even put him to bed at 8pm with a full tummy and a bottle, put lavender on his neck, and made the room very comfortable. But what happened at 12:30am????? HE WOKE UP. Not even just a little cry...he was sitting up and whining. So it's 1:40am right....and I don't hear anything anymore....I hope hes out until at least 7am. If not...I am going to scream. There have only been a handful of nights where he actually slept his normal 12 hours. The rest have been 5am wake-ups for 2 hours then he goes back to sleep. I guess I just need to give it more time with his normal schedule. 7-7:30 wake up, 12 or 1pm naptime, and 7-7:30 bedtimes. With it being summer and all, hes been staying up really late sometimes and taking later naps. But shouldnt he just sleep the same?? just go to bed later and wake up later?? Whatever...babies are weird like that.

AND it is SOOOO much harder now that Maikal is gone. I no longer get that little break when he goes and takes him so I don't freak out and take it out on my child. I am alone now.
......oh.....hang on......there he is crying again....I knew it was a trick.

So, Im sorry to be a downer and basically repeating this post for like...the 4th time. But sometimes writing it down does make me feel better. A friend mentioned this sleep agent for babies that im going to try, Quietude i think. It's suppose to help children calmed down and have better sleeps. So that and keeping him on a more consistent schedule. Thats my plan. And I hope it works. Thanks for listening.

ok...I think he is asleep now. So I am finally going to try and sleep before he wakes up in like 4 hours. awesome. feels like i have a newborn. hate it.

"Dear Ben, If you keep going on like this, you won't get a sibling for a VERY long time!! So sleep better PLEASE!!"

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  1. Awe I don't think this was over-sharing at all. I simply believe people forget how difficult it is to be sleep-deprived and also have to deal with a little one that doesn't sleep consistently through the night. My little girl was awful for the first 7 months and I didn't have a single full 8 hours until after that when I painfully sleep-trained her for about a month. I think back on those days as dark days because there was no way I was ever my "best self". I don't think that's humanly possible when you're not getting a consistent good nights sleep. So hang in there. Traveling and changing schedules and all the attention is probably all factors. Hopefully you can back to this normal soon so you can both start sleeping well again. Take care!

    Oh haha and I love the comment about not getting another sibling. Ha ha I would always say that to my daughter or husband. She was really good birth control!


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