Wednesday, March 5, 2014
The Bangs

My whole life I've always thought that I could never ever do bangs just because I have curly hair and I would look ridiculous with short curly bangs. And although none of these pictures are curly hair, I think I can imagine what it would look like. I really like a lot of these styles, but that could just be my plain eyes just looking for a change! And I do straighten my hair way more often when I am back on the mainland so these photo's wont be unrealistic. I found this sweet website that allowed me to change up my hair styles to what I somewhat wanted and these are the ones I've chosen to base what I want on.

I was just wanting some opinions on these style for me! What do you think? Fairly short? Somewhat short? Keep them long? Obviously these look a little off, but use your imagination for the actual finished product on me!

Hmmmmm...choices choice....


  1. 1,3,4,5 are my favorites. do it! change it up! hair grows back!

  2. 5 is my favourite! But if your nervous just cut long bangs and shorten them as you get more comfortable. I can't imagine your hair looking bad - so go for it!

  3. I like 1, 5 or 6!! I think you will look great with whatever though!

  4. I actually really like the short options, I have never seen you with that maybe that's why. You would look lovely in all of them either way!


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