Tuesday, March 18, 2014
What's Up

So what's up with the Lowry's recently?? Well i'll tell you.

We recently received some bad news. Maikal received his last rejection letter from Dental School. Which means we will be living in Lethbridge until next Fall. It is of course very upsetting. No one likes getting rejected! But I'm also not going to dwell and do nothing until we do get in. I plan on working very hard this next year just focusing on my marriage and trying to build a happier and more loving home while he's around more.

4 weeks from tomorrow we will be leaving this Island! It's so crazy to think about. Do I really want to leave??? I'm having mixed feelings. You seriously can't beat the weather here... plus there's the ocean! OHHHHHH THE OCEAN!! I'm gunna miss you..... It's been Ben's own playground and I'm afraid I won't be able to match the awesomeness of this place, but Im sure he'll forget over time. But, it is definitely time to leave. I miss home with every bone in my body. I miss my family, I miss my friends, I miss our home, I miss all the wonderful canadian foods, I miss sooooo many things that I didn't even think I would miss....like the COLD! Believe it or not...I actually miss playing in the snow, it's just been too long! We've slowy been selling all our stuff, and it's going good so far. I'm having my first open house this weekend so we'll see how we do.

As of recently, Ben has learned how to climb out of his crib and now all our schedules are messed up. For the first 10 days or so, he would just play in his room for hours before he would collapse on the floor for his nap. Plus he now gets out of Bed 2 HOURS earlier than before. He now wakes up between 6:30-7am, which is killing me. This morning he thought it would be a good idea to wake up at 5:30...no Ben...it was NOT a good idea. But now we've managed to figure out the naps. He stays in Bed and sleeps his regular 2 hours from about 1-3pm. Now we just need to work on the mornings...which I don't even know how to start! But I guess this will be another learning curb in sleep training. Wish us luck! Especially for the 4 HOUR time difference we will be experiencing soon!!! BARF!
But here are some funny pictures Ive taken of him since this all started. It gives me a good laugh.

Ok so now onto Baby Aurora.
I am 24 weeks and feeling very large and in charge! Seriously....i need to stop eating or I'll probably explode all the candy and sandwiches Ive been eating. I can't even bare to look at the scale now. I've still tried to keep up with doing Zumba, but it's getting harder every time to do the moves. But it sure does feel good to exercise. 
I don't remember this much movement with Ben, she is a WILD ONE! And it's probably just me, but she seems humungous! Like super big. She can punch both my sides at once so it makes it seem like she's so long and will end up being a 10 pound baby! Please stay small please stay small please stay small...


  1. That is sad news but I am impressed with your positive attitude. It will be nice to have a year that is less stressful than normal. I am sure you will enjoy that and it will be a memorable year!
    Those photos of Ben are hilarious as well, I love the middle one where he is all sprawled out, gosh I actually really miss you guys and Ben. I am so happy we got to spend that time with you! We will have to make the effort to have some cousin reunions this summer!
    P. S Your looking great!

    1. Miss you too! Hopefully we will all get the chance to see each other and play! :)

  2. You are glowing! I would take pregnant pictures if I knew I would look as good as you. But nay nay. Haha. I am both ECSTATIC and sad for you and Mikhail to be moving back here. It's a good time to be coming back weather wise... the transition from island to prairies won't be as dramatic. But this way our little babies can be besties! Do you know where you're going to have her?

    1. Kristen! You NEED to post a baby bump pic....or else we will track you down when we get to calgary and i will take one myself and post it! ;) And I honestly died laughing when i read your latest post about the gender. I had the exact same feelings! I really wanted another boy, but now im perfectly fine with having a girl. But thats so sweet our daughters will be SO CLOSE IN AGE!! And we will be going to Lethbridge Hospital to have her. I love my doctors there


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