The Littles: 3 years and 8 Months

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Our Baby Big Ben had his 3rd birthday this week! He's getting so big! I just want him to stay little forever. Can we just escape to Neverland for a while?? So for his birthday, we took Ben swimming! His absolute favourite activity! Seriously he could go for hours. This is why we need to live closure to a beach! Crossed fingers for Dental School in California! ;)
He is a great climber and loves to dance. Like most boys, he loves to play with cars and animals. His favourite thing to do with them is line them up, destroy, then line them up again. haha its so funny. He has the absolute prettiest blue eyes! Seriously how did that happen?? Those recessive genes....
He is getting better at playing with other kids, but he's still a bit rough. We're working on that.
At 3 years old, I expected to have a potty trained kid, but alas, it isn't so.  He also doesn't say many sentences, but he communicates pretty well. Every kid goes at their own pace I guess. Im pretty sure that Aurora will be talking and going to the potty before Ben haha.
But we love this little boy with all our heart and we have learned so much from each other! Each stage of growth is so different and it keeps me on my toes. Im excited to see what he will learn at age 3!


Our little princess turned 8 months this week! Say what say what! Not too much has changed since my last update about her. But in case you missed it here are a few stats at her age:

-Pulls herself up on everything
-Can climb up the stairs
-She seems to want real people food now. She's kind of over the mooshy stuff. But she still doesn't have any teeth so Im a little nervous about giving her anything other than little baby food things.
-We are down to one nursing time in a 24 hour period.
-Sleeps through the night
-She hates it when I leave the room. Super inconvenient for me. She also loves to be held. Alot.
-Her manual dexterity skills are amazing. She's able to pick up the small little things with her thumb and pointer finger for a while now. But it still amazes me every time.
-Pro traveller
-Puts EVERYTHING in her mouth.
-And, of course, she is still a Maikal Mini.

They play so well together! I can't wait to watch their relationship grow. It's just the cutest thing. Aurora thinks Ben is the funniest kid ever. Ben cares and loves her so much and is always looking out for her. When she climbs the stairs he is right next to her watching over her. They entertain each other while in the car (heavenly). Rory can get a little aggressive with her hair pulling and clawing of the eye balls, but Ben just moves her hands gently and tells her no. He's like Kid-Parent. So cute!

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