V-Day Inspired Family Photo's

Friday, February 20, 2015
So last weekend was Valentines Day and we decided to do a little V-day impromptu family session! To me, Valentine's Day isn't just about showing love to your significant other. It's about showing love to the people that mean the most to you. And for me, those people are in these pictures. I love them so much! Even though Ben was being such a little stinker during these pictures...... We still managed to get a few cute ones in there. Thanks Shenoa for taking these pics for us!

Whenever I see an opportunity for Family pictures, I take it! Pictures are worth more to me than any material gift so that's what we did this year. We are so lucky to have had such amazing weather this year so we weren't completely freezing our butts off!

I will be posting about our V-day date in the next post so stay tuned!

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