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Wednesday, February 28, 2018
Cue Pippi Longstocking Theme Song...
Anyone else think that whenever they see a redhead with braids??

Our 'How We Wore It' Series is here and we've switched things up a bit. We have decided to do BRAIDS and a Statement piece instead of an outfit for this post.

Look at us being fancy and changing things up. Yasssssss.

Turns out, trying to do a braid with curly hair is way more difficult than I thought. I've always been jealous of the people with more straight hair and their abilities to do whatever braid style they want and they look like they are ready for the AMA's. But, I thought I would give it a try and see how it goes, and I kinda love it. I mean, my braiding skills need work, but I think I did pretty ok! And for my statement piece, what is more loud than a big shirt with a busy pattern on it lol. This is my go-to shirt for my comfy lazy days. It's big, it's cozy, and it hides my post pregnancy body lol.

Current Life Updates

-We are on week 3 of Maikal's radiation. He is definitely feeling the effects of it now. More fatigue, week immune system, and it his leg feels like a constant sunburn. My poor babe. #Maikalcanmakeit

- Ben just turned SIX!! We kept it low key this year and went to a childrens museum then just bought a cake and stayed in for the evening.

- Roka is now 3 months!! Honestly it feels like he should be 6 months with how many hours ive been away over the past 90 days hahahaha. He is chunky and delicious. Better with naps. Wakes up 2-3 times a night. He is definitely my smiliest baby!

- I am currently working out, trying to do the daily chores, and honestly just trying to keep everyone alive and fed ha. Thats all I have energy for lol.

- Aurora is currently into learning to read and write and anything glitter. But ive decided that glitter is  now banned from my house hahaha.

PS, it is our Blogging Babes' Birthday today! I would like to give her a shout out and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY JORDAN! She is a yummy mummy with the two most adorable kids and amazing husband. She is meant for the stage and she will probably be famous one day, then I will be able to say, 'Hey, I know that girl!" ;)

Check out my friend's post's at the bottom of the page to see how they wore it!!

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