3 months

Wednesday, March 7, 2018
Has it really only been 3 months?
I frequently joke about this, but it literally feels like he should be 6 months because of all the time i've spent awake over the past 3 months haha.

New/Young babies can be difficult, especially if you value sleep as much as I do! He is a horrible sleeper. HORRIBLE. He has gotten much better recently, but man.....I spent many a night in tears. Im talking waking every 1-2 hours a night every night. In the beginning he was having major tummy issues with gas. I would feed him, then he'd be up an hour later with pain, then up again in an hour to eat. That went on for what seemed like forever. And we've been dealing with the '45 min intruder' since 4 weeks old, look it up, it sucks! Honestly I am just so grateful that Maikal wasn't in school and we were living around family because I felt like I needed the extra help! 3 kids has thrown me for a loop!

He much preferres to be held when sleeping. So co-sleeping was what he wanted at night. Which I do not like to do, but over time I've gotten more use to it so it's not as bad now. A few baby items that have saved our lives:

~Baby swing. It really helps him to relax and takes majority of his naps in there.
~Co-sleeper bed. I made one that mimics the feeling of being held, which he seems to enjoy!
~Breast Pump. For those nights that I NEED more sleep, I pump a few bottles and Maikal is more than willing to take a few feedings in the night so I can rest.
~Gripe/Oval drops. This seems to help his tummy with gas issues to he can sleep with comfort.

It's hard when your last baby was a pro sleeper by 6 weeks old haa. Makes me think Im doing something wrong this time round because I feel like I've been doing the same things with scheduling and what not! I remember one morning, it was a difficult night and I was in tears, I said to myself, "I could either sulk, keep crying, keep letting sleep defeat me, or I could learn to live with it until he did learn to sleep well". From that day on, I have been totally fine emotionally. Obviously I would love more sleep and I can be a bit more tense than usual, but we are getting there and I know it will happen eventually.

Other than the issue of sleep....lol.....Roka has been so lovely! He smiles a TON and the kids are so good with him. I have really enjoyed having a baby around again. He has grown HUGE in just this short of time. He is in size 2 diapers, 3-6 month clothes, and his feet are already hanging out of his car seat! His favourite thing to do it grab my hands and pull himself up to sitting or standing. He is a rolling champion! He thinks it is so fun! We've only been able to go outside 3 times since he was born and I can't wait for the warmer months so we can play outside. We believe his eyes will be hazel, which means all my kids have different eye colours! Guess thats what you get when you mix Irish and Poly haha.

And just for some fun, here is a comparison picture of my babies around the same age! I think we can all agree that the brothers look so much alike!


  1. It’s the third kid man!!! Evan was the worst sleeper ever!! Luckily he is also now the best sleeper. Haha


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