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Wednesday, April 11, 2018
Hey friends!

A few things were consuming my thoughts as I was taking/posing/editing these photo's for our 'How we wore it' series this month. They are pretty vain and self destructive thoughts, about my body image.
Living with a post baby body is a pretty tough thing for me. I don't bounce back like most women. I lose very little weight while nursing, so I stay like this for at least 8 months. Not sure if its because of the hormones, or the fact that it makes my appetite the same as a 17 year old boy during soccer season ;)
So when i looked back at these pics after taking them, my self esteem went way down. The lack of jawline, bubble butt, the ponch......I see it all!
I even had thoughts like: "maybe I should stop taking photo's until I like the way I look".
Well I cant do that!!! Photo's are my life!

I know, Im ridiculous. I just had a baby, surviving with little sleep most nights, settled into a new house, found out my husband has Cancer, and im the mum of THREE humans. It's A LOT to happen in just a few months. So even though this current body is not how I prefer to look, it's still my body, and I should love my body no matter how it looks. It's all about attitude and how you carry yourself. I know I will get there, it will just take a bit, but it will happen.

Anywho, on a lighter note, this months look is Denim on Denim!!! I 90's right?? or 80's?? I don't know, but I know I love it. And wanna know a little secret??.....those are JEGGINGS. Not sure I will never go back to real denim. #leggingsforlife
I love how high and stretchy these bottoms are. Definitely post baby friendly to that tummy area! So naturally, I bought 4 pairs in different colours ;)

Jeggings :: Walmart

Top :: Old, but similar HERE

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  1. Dang that negative self talk! It gets me too. What has helped me a little lately is realizing that my little girls are going to be picking up on the way I act and talk about my body. They could care less about what I look like! And I would hate to be the one who teaches them that they should and that they should worry about what they look like too. Although we always talk about how awful it is to raise kids in this day and age, I feel like today is almost better in regards to girls learning healthy body image. Growing up in the 90's/00's the ideal woman's body was little more than a twig! Today, strength and curves are in! Haha - I'll end my little blab fest now. YOU LOOK GREAT!

    1. You are the sweetest! It's so true, my kids can easily pick up on the body image ridiculousness and it could impact them negatively. I just need to be more loving and accepting of myself!


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