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Wednesday, March 21, 2018
Hello Spring!

Growing up, 'Spring' wasn't really a thing until May haha. So having this warmer weather in Cleveland has been a treat!!
Lately we've been getting outside more, I've been doing more things with my apartment to make it more homey and it's coming along! We even decided to try to teach Ben to ride his bike, but man, bending over to keep him steady hurts the back!!! I think we need to invest in some training wheels ha.
Maikal is currently on Spring break, and it has been so nice to just see him all day everyday! And it is such perfect timing for him because he finished his Radiation on Friday, and he gets the next 10 days to heal and recoup from it all. Ben had Spring break last week....i know....why dont they plan for everyone to be on break at the same time!?? It doesnt make sense. But it was absolutely lovely having him home all day too......and also the fact that i didnt have to get up early or wake Roka up from his nap to get him from school..... ;) Having a kid in school and a young baby has proven to be a difficult thing for me, but it's getting better! And this time change.....let's just stop doing it ok. Does it take anyone else like a month to get use to it!?

As you can see, we are back and at it with 'How We Wore It'!
We chose sleeves, and Im obsessed. I am allllll about the different types of sleeves happening. It can really amp up and outfit! I found this on the clearance at Target. I saw it, it was my colour, it had cool sleeves, and it was meant for spring. Done.
And PLEASE check out my friends for their posts.....they NAILED it. Links at the bottom of the post ;)

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