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Thursday, May 31, 2018
So what happens when you have no one around to take a few outfit photo's for you? You bribe your 6 year old and pray to the heavens they don't drop your very heavy camera.

Florals. I feel like this kind of print will never go out of style. There's basically an infinite amount of ways to wear floral, so I feel like it won't get repetitive or boring. And I am currently in love with this colour of yellow. I tend to gravitate towards colours that compliment my hair, which this yellow does very well. I feel so summery! Also we are 5/5 with our Series! Be sure to check out my blogger babes at the end of this post!

Speaking of summer. I went to the beach this past week, twice! I am learning how to get around with 3 kids without Maikal around to help. It's a learning curve but I think im finding my groove! With Winter, youre stuck indoors all the time so keeping an eye on all 3 was a breeze. But now we are outside.....where they have room to run.....and climb.....and hide. My mommy radar is on HIGH all the time hahah.

This past month has been one of the most stressful and overwhelming times of my life. I feel like I am being tested. It's like everything is happening at once. Maikal's surgery happened, and with that, recovery follows. Which has not been a smooth process for him. It hurts! He started school again on Tuesday and I am just in awe at his strength to go. But he pushes through! He just lies on the ground at the back of the classroom to get through it haha. And of course, Roka has decided to start teething. Over the past 3 weeks, he has popped 4 teeth. That's a lot of teeth for a 5/6 month old. 7 days ago, he turned from an independant happy baby to a 5 stage clinger. He will not leave my side. If I leave or put him down, Melt down. If I hand him to someone else, melt down. If I break eye contact with him, all Hell breaks loose. Then, Aurora got Croup. Which then got everyone else sick. While being distracted by keeping everyone else alive, my housework has gone down the drain. I have a pile of laundry on my couch the size of everest. All my projects are on the back burner. And sometimes I only have time/energy to make sandwiches or cereal for every meal. In the middle of the night last night, our neighbour was creepily looking through his window and staring into my house. So now I feel like he will come in and murder us all at any moment.
WOOF! My brain feels like scrambled eggs and my body feels like i've ran a marathon every day.

But even in the midst of all this stress and pain, I feel blessed. Things will be ok. Life will move forward. There is Love and Happiness everywhere, be sure to make room for it in your life.

Im going to go have a nap now.
Thanks for stopping by!
PS, next post is Surgery and post OP recovery.....with PICTURES! Stay tuned this weekend.

Dress :: Burlington (sold out, but love this ONE)

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  1. Wow my friend. You. Are. SuperMom. I am in awe of your strength and perseverance.


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