Our Cancer Story | Surgery + Hospital Stay

Monday, June 4, 2018
So here we go. A very big post with a lot of emotion in it. Plus some cool pictures! If you have been following me on Instastories, you will know a lot of these experiences already. But I hope to add more detail here on the blog.

MAY 1 - Collapsing of the Vessels
This was a 4 hour surgery to stop blood from going into the Tumor.
In the middle of the process (maikal was awake) they said the Tumor was having spasms, which the Doctors replied with 'hmmm thats weird'.
The DEMON knew it was about to get taken out!

This woman. She is an Angel. A Saint.

MAY 2 - Surgery Day. The Big Day.
Mom and I left the house at 6:30am and headed straight to the hospital. We actually caught Maikal as they were pushing him down stairs to get prepped.
We sat with him for 2 hours before they took him. Our nerves. I was also so excited for this surgery. It was hopefully an end to all of this!

Mom and I went and did some errands and took a walk around the pond. The surgery was set to take about 8 hours, so there was no sense in just stay in that waiting room worrying the whole time.
We went back in the late afternoon and set ourselves up in the waiting area. After about 1 hour of waiting, the Doctor came out and sat right in front of me. Was I ready to hear the news if it was bad? I had to be. So I sat up, eyes wide open, holding back the nervous tears. He started talking and my brain was on fire waiting for him to say it. Hoping he would say it. Needing him to say it.

It was a success.

Im sorry what?? Say it again. IT. WAS. A. SUCCESS. That Doctor sat there, and i felt like he was just so proud of himself because it was actually a very very tough surgery and it went better than he ever could have expected. He was even positive that he would 'put the sciatic to sleep', meaning it would be paralyzed for a few months, so Maikal wouldnt be able to use his leg. But when Maikal woke up and he moved his toes....his Doctor was shocked. I was shocked.

So, you're telling me, that you are very positive that you got ALL the tumor, there is no never damage, and he's going to be fine? It was unreal. A few months ago, we were making back up plans, and 'what if' plans. Plans that put me to tears almost every single night. 

Mom and I just sat there in tears. We couldnt even believe it. It was everything we were all praying for. And Maikal didn't even know yet. He was going to be in the recovery area for a little longer, which we were not aloud to go into. So we quickly went back to the kids, made some amazing phone calls and I went back to the hospital to give him the news myself. I looked into his very tired and drugged up eyes and said that he was going to be fine. He replied with 'oh thats awesome' hahahaha. Then an hour later he asked me, 'so how did the surgery go?'. Drugs lol
The night was long and painful for him. I helped in anyway I could, but theres little anyone else could do except for that green drug button lol.

MAY 3 - Things get complicated.
Later that evening, a nurse put in an IV. Right after that Maikal's arm and part if his chest became ICE cold. He was shivering. Turns out the needle was not in his vein at all. Those liquids were being emptied right into his body. This is the last pic I took before it all happened.
Pain. Chest pain. I yelled for that nurse and she came in and started running around to see what was wrong. Then I heard CODE WHITE, which basically means 'emergency team is needed, this guy might die'.

CLOTS. 2 in his left lung. 

Maikal was shaking in Pain and couldn't breath. One of our Church friends was already on his way to the hospital to bring Maikal a burger, and he just so happen to be an excellent Doctor who deals with these cases. I mean what are the Odds....Angels were surrounding us. When he got there, he watched over us like a bull dog. Making sure he got the best care for this circumstance. It was a very scary few hours. He was eventually sent down to the ICU where they needed to watch him closely.

He spent 3 days in the ICU. Hooked up to wires. It was a very uncomfortable stay. You don't get much sleep at a hospital.

So 10 days in the Hospital. Would have been half that if those dang clots wouldn't have formed and made everything all complicated. Now he has to be on Meds for a year because of it. But it happens.
He was so so happy to be home, where he was finally able to shower haha. We taped a garbage bag to his legs to cover his leg ha.

2 Weeks Post OP Appointment.
We took those bandages off and had a look at that scar! It's so intense!

This was also the appointment that 100% confirmed that they got all the Cancer.
The Doctor sat us down, he went on as if it was going to be bad news....so my heart was kind of stopping.

But, I am happy, ecstatic, amazed, and  to let everyone know,
that Maikal is officially,


He did it. He beat it. He survived it.
This is the best news ever.

You know, May is my favourite month. It's our anniversary, mothers day, may long, and my birthday. And although this has been one of the toughest months of our lives, it's also the month that Maikal Beat Cancer. Just one more thing we get to celebrate in May every year :) 

4 weeks post op photo.

These were taken 2 days ago.
The back of the knee, yikes!
Maikal describes his pain as knives stabbing him and/or ripping skin.
So it hurts...

OK, now for the fun part.
Warning: if you are squeamish.....LOOK AWAY!!!

The Tumor is right there in the middle.
That long white thing in the middle is the sciatic nerve.

Its out!

Maikal continuously calls the tumor a 'demon heart'. So I did a little funny thing in photoshop..

OK heres the real thing,...

It looks just like a demon heart right!???
So happy that thing is out!!!
We wanted to keep it, but that was a no go lol.

Again, I would like to give shout outs to those who have helped us along this journey. Couldn't have done any of this without you. Especially Mama Lowry. You were there for every minute during this tough time. Love you.
For those who gave us encouragement, for checking in, for meals, for babysitting, for kind words, for rides, for praying and fasting, for coming to the hospital, and the continual offer to help. Even still.

Man, we are surrounded by Love. We are blessed.


  1. Yay Maikal!!!! I’m so happy!!! And holy cow that Timor is scary looking!
    Yay for May!

  2. I'm so proud of you three, Maikal is a fighter, Brittany the best wife and Mama Lowry a spiritual giant. Angels amongst us...oh yah. Thanks for posting this and exhibiting your faith. Love mama Curry

  3. I am so happy for the success of the surgery and that he is Cancer free now! Prayers have been answered! Give him our love...Auntie Dixie and Uncle Jim and family!

  4. Love you Maikal!! So happy you are cancer free! We have all been praying for you and your gorgeous family!!


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