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Tuesday, June 26, 2018
White t shirt, Jeans. Easy. Basic. Simple.

 Kind of how I need my life to be right now...
But who am I kidding.....its SUMMER! It's time to get busy and play all day! I can relax and be a simple human next year.

I am back here in Alberta for 7 weeks! Our summer is PACKED.
A reunion in Utah, Camping in BC, Sister's Bachelorette Party, Weddings, Canada Day, Play Dates, Beach days, Photoshoots, Appointments, and so on and so on.
Maikal is currently still in Cleveland doing clinic, which he loves! He's working as an actual Dentist!
And we miss him SO MUCH. But we leave for his fam reunion in 6 days and he will meet us there (he's flying of course).

Just a quick Post OP info session: Maikal is doing Ok. His scar has separated behind the knee and it is very painful. Thank goodness for drugs. He is doing everything he can to keep it as good as possible so it heals nicely. Since I can't be there, friends have been taking excellent care of him! I am truly grateful for the people looking over him. So amazing.
PS. we had appointments booked for Aurora's teeth surgery for months and could not get out of it, so I had to come home when I did. I was devastated to leave Maikal so soon after surgery, I have pretty bad wife guilt. So we are just so excited to see him soon!

It has been so great staying with my parents and sister. I feel like I have constant support when dealing with the kids, which I really needed lol. I've just been GO GO GO the past 3 months!
Also, Maikal does not like taking pics of me, and Savannah does. So....thats a huge win for me!

This Month's HWWI is obviously the white T and jeans. I haven't worn actual jeans in .....years i feel. Simply because I find them stiff and uncomfortable. But these......they are so soft and so comfy....I may be converted back to Jean-ism. And wearing a white top isn't really ideal for a mom.....but every once and a while I will whip it out and get fancy!

It is a busy week for us! Aurora has her surgery tomorrow, so we will see how that goes, then wedding dress shopping on Thurs, then driving down south on Friday, then to the reunion in Utah! I try to keep up with my shinannigans on my insta-stories, so feel free to follow me on there!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Girl, your hair is so gorgeous. Sending love & strength to your husband as he recovers...


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