Monday, February 11, 2013
Playing Tour Guide

So my sister Rebecca and her friend Ashley came to Hawaii for a little vacation!
I was so excited that she decided to come! We had such a blast and I hope these memories
will last forever.
Some thing I Love to do here on the Island is play 'Tour Guide'. 
I love taking people to places and showing them the ins and outs of Hawaii.
A lot of people think they need to spend a ton of money in order to have fun.
But that is definitely NOT the case! Most of the things we did were free.
Plus they stayed with us, which is a HUGE money saver. And we were happy to have them :)

So let me tell you in pictures of most of the things we did!

Went to Pounders Beach
This is where everyone Body Surfs
The girls had a hard time figuring out the technique lol

Sharks Cove.
Good snorkelling and great view!
We loved just climbing on the rocks and watching the waves
crash into the side of them.

Went surfing
Becca was able to get up!
Very impressive, I still cant surf lol

Did a little Bestie photoshoot

Went cliff jumping

Becca got really cut up.
The waves pushed her right into the sharp rocks...
I felt so terrible.
Apparently we jumped in the wrong spot on the cliff.
I would also lie to point out Becca's insane thigh and bum muscles...
one day..

Walked around the Hawaii Temple.

Rope Swing

The girls said this was an amazing experience
and they would do it again in a heart beat!!
Such a blast!
I stayed on the beach with Ben :)

Electric Beach!!
This is where the wild Dolphins and Whales come to play!
The whales were so close and huge!
We saw one dolphin and it was about 3 feet in front of us.
It just came out of no where! 
The girls totally freaked out. Hilarious.

Went on a forever long hike.
We meant to climb to a waterfall,
but apparently we took a wrong turn and
ended up 2.5 hours up in the mountains
with no food, little water, no diapers or bottle.
It was awful...but super beautiful lol

Went to Waimea Beach (my fav beach)
Played in the waves
Played some Vball
Had a BBQ
Body Surfed
Walked along the rocks

loving the speedo's!

Went Shark Diving!!
While on the boat, I got really really 
sea seek due to the not stop waves.
I totally threw up over the side. Embarrassing...
But once in the water it was totally fine!
The water was SO blue and the sharks were SO cool!
I felt completely safe and comfortable.
I was even aloud to take Ben on the boat with us!
It was a great experience

Day at the PCC (Polynesian Cultural Centre)


One of my favs....China Man's Hat!
You have to walk/swim to the little island.
there is a little hike where you can climb to the top.
The water is very shallow so we were walking basically the whole time.

Around back there are caves and cool rocks and sweet waves
you can play on!
So amazing!

Around back this is also where hammerhead sharks mate.
(not all the time)
But its way further out into the ocean.
Plus, sharks rarely eat where they mate
so we were safe swimming wherever

All in all it was such a fun time playing with my sister and her friend ashley.
I cant wait for our other friends to come out this week!
PLUS my mom and her sisters and their husbands come out at the end of Feb!
Im sooooo excited!!

And just so everyone knows, we are MORE than happy to let anyone stay at our place if you want to come visit! So book some flights and come see us!


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