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Wednesday, September 24, 2014
Yesterday was Aurora's check up at the Doctor's. We had her measured, weighed, etc. She is doing really well and perfectly healthy! When the Dr asked us about her sleep we answered that she's been sleeping 10-12 hours and waking up once to feed (ya she's awesome). She asked us what position she sleeps in and I said she absolutely LOVES sleeping on her belly and absolutely refuses to go on her back, so that's what we've been doing. And you should have seen the look on this woman's face when I said that. I saw complete disapproval. It was like she was saying I was a terrible Mother for doing that. My heart sank. Am I really being a Bad Mother by putting her on her tummy for sleep?? Have I been doing all this wrong!?? Am I putting my child in terrible danger!? Everything was going through my head at once and I just felt judged by this choice that we've made. And that's never a fun feeling as a parent.

We do know the risks of sleep positions. I feel like every position has good and bad to them. But I also know my child. She has the ability to roll onto her back if she needs to. She can lift up her head very very well (even the Dr said she had amazing control), and we don't have any hazards in the crib with her. She wakes up every morning ridiculously happy and we both are getting the sleep we need. I've tried putting her on her back while swaddled, but the longest she's ever lasted is 1 1/2 hours. Tops. So, she will remain on her tummy.

Anyway, drama over. My intention was to do a comparison post of my babes so lets just continue with that shall we!?


She is 3 months old (Gosh stop growing!)
She currently weighs 11.2 pounds. (Ben weighed this at 2 months)
She has a super small head. She is in 10th percentile I think.
She is just below average in height and weight. 35th percentile ish

When she was younger I thought she looked SO MUCH like Ben, but as she is getting older I don't think she looks as much like him anymore. Their eyes and face shape are totally different. He is light and she is dark. Ben is a Mini Brittany and Rory is a Mini Maikal. I love it!!

Both are 3 months old in this picture

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  1. Sheriff is exactly the same -- sleep just wasn't happening if I put her down on her back or side. She LOVES to sleep on her stomach. And I feel fine doing it because of all the exact same reasons you listed. So therefore, you are a good mom because you're doing what is best for YOUR baby.


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