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Friday, September 19, 2014
These 8 products have saved my sanity on multiple occasions and I can't imagine raising a baby without them! I thought I would share with you guys about my favourites so far. A few of these items are only essential for younger babies. But I will be doing different posts about things I like to have with me for every stage of Aurora's growth. So here we go!

1. Pampers Swaddlers Diapers - I have used Huggies, Kirkland, and Pampers Baby Dry Diapers for newborns and NONE of them compare to these. I especially hate the Pampers Baby Dry! She would wake up in the middle of night soaking wet because they can't hold enough liquid. And I hate wasting so of course I had to wait to buy the swaddlers until she used up all the baby dry. For and older baby we use Huggies. But until the switch, we use these and I give them A+ for efficiency!

2. Swaddling Blankets - You guys, these are so awesome. I never had one with Ben so I never knew their magic. They swaddle like nobody's business!! Aurora doesn't like to be swaddled alot of the time (bummer) but when she does she loves being in this little cocoon!

3. Penaten - This is a great bum creme! I've never had an issue with it and it always seems to do the trick. And it lasts FOREVER! But be sure to keep out of the hands of toddlers. Ben decided to paint himself with it one day. And that stuff doesn't rub off easy.

4. Live Clean Baby Wash & Shampoo - I love using 'green' products when it comes to stuff that I put on my babies. This stuff smells great and it gets the job done! And it's in such a cute bottle!

5. Fabric Breast Pads - Because ya know....boobs leak. These are WAY more comfortable than the johnsons breast pads that I've recently stopped using. And they don't have that weird 'fake nipple' on the pad like the johnsons so it doesn't look like its super nipply outside all the time. Plus they are so adorable!!! They are also re-usable so you can just throw them in the wash. But, I found that you do need to wash them before using them for the first time. For some reason they work better when they are washed first. You can find them Here

6. Gripe Water (Alcohol Free) - Aurora is beyond gassy. She still has problems but Gripe water seems to work! I have also found that she sleeps longer in the night when we give it her before bed. I think it soothes her tummy so she doesn't wake up with discomfort.

7. Mam Soothers - We used the Gum Drop soothers with Ben and he really liked them, but lets be honest, they are ugly. These soothers are both cute and effective! She took this kind right away. I am a huge soother user. Both my kids loved them and they work wonders for us when the babes get fussy. Babies naturally love to suck to sooth themselves so Im happy that she even takes a soother. they have lots of different kinds.

8. Medela Swing Breast Pump - Last but certainly not least!! I don't know where I would be without this thing. It is by far the most important product that I own for babies. I have a full big box of breast milk in the freezer because of this thing. I have a husband who takes a feeding in the night (when she needs it) because of the pump. Benjamin was fed Breast milk when he wouldn't latch because of this. I both need and love this pump! And it is so convenient! You can either plug it in or put in batteries and take it wherever! It is especially nice on road trips so we don't have to pull over and feed her. I can just pump in the car and lean back and feed her through a bottle. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

You can find ALL these products except the breast pads at Walmart, Superstore, or Babies R Us.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend! xoxo

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