The Mango

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

I have a new love you guys.
This year I was introduced to the Mango.
I had my very first one while living in Hawaii and I almost died it was so delicious!
My husband hates Mango's so I guess I just assumed that I also would hate them so I never had one.
And I can't believe i've been going so long without them!!! They are so delicious!! And they are PACKED full of good stuff for you!

Did you know:

-They help fight against cancer
-Lowers cholesterol
-Helps to clear skin (I will need to find a DIY face mask for mango's!)
-Increases the health of your eyes
-Alkalizes the body
-Helps with Diabetes
-Very high in Vitamin E (which helps to increase sex drive)
-Very high in fibre, which in turn improves digestion
-It cools your body down. So if you are prone to heat stroke (like me) Mango's will help to cool you off!
-And it just overall boosts your immune system!!

(source from )

I know that Mango's are a hit and miss with tons of people. But for me, it is my new favourite fruit!!!
I could eat 3 a day. In one sitting.
Love Love Love.

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